Brooklyn, ‘We Go Hard’

Last weekend, The Mister and I hit the Big Apple, hoping to fall back in love with the city after a miserably cold and dreary time spent there during the never-ending winter.  His sisters live in Brooklyn (remember when we were snowed in?!), so we spent one full day strolling (and pushing a stroller) around the other borough.

Buttermilk Channel
We met for brunch at Buttermilk Channel, a neighborhood spot they’ve been raving about for a while.

And now I know why…seriously, the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. I usually take a couple of bites before I’m stuffed, but I scarfed down this entire plate and then had a bit of Becca’s pork chop.

Fried Pork Chop & Cheddar Waffles to be exact-as if the chef whipped up a taste of the South and smothered it in maple syrup.


Dave and Evan

Brunch with two kiddos is…______________ (fill in the blank). No, seriously, they were mostly well-behaved, but an hour seated with adults was about as much as Caleb could stand. So, his dad took him home, while Dave’s sister took us for a leisurely stroll (baby in tow).

Rebecca Schoneveld

First stop was Becca’s gorgeous bridal boutique! She designs custom gowns made of luxiourous fabrics all hand made in Brooklyn. We couldn’t be happier or prouder she has found her dream job.

And while we’re on the topic of brides ( a little side note),  a big congrats to my friend Sangeeta, who took me under her wing in London, on the opening of their new Olivier Laudus bridal accessory boutique just off Oxford Street. Even if you aren’t in London, you can order online, so check it out!

Brooklyn river

Onward we walked, past the Gowanus Canal, one of the most toxic waterways in the country if you can believe!

foot rest

But, just down the way is an awesome home furnishings store called Find. I love these eccentric upholstered pieces.


They remind me of my favorite Kit Kemp and her use of different fabrics that somehow bring harmony to chaos. Isn’t this chair so rad?

Tree planted quote

After redecorating my entire apartment in my mind, we needed a little break. We stopped in this beautiful little children’s garden and enjoyed the sunshine.


Nature, ain’t it grand?


If you’ve never been to Brooklyn, it really is the exact opposite of how songs make it sound. It’s super family oriented with one of the most vibrant art scenes in the country.


Dough Donuts

Not to mention an awesome food scene…never one to pass up anything sweet, my other sister-in-law, a burgeoning food commercial director introduced us to Dough. I savored several bites of the lightest, citrusy, melt in your mouth concoction and then vowed to start a sugar cleanse tomorrow.


Meet Evan, the happiest baby on the planet. We loved having him along for the ride.

Dinner Party

After an all day walking tour, we finally found our way back to Park Slope for a dinner party to end all dinner parties. All the neighbors gathered on the sidewalk for a B.Y.O.B. (bring your own baby) affair that included a covered dish supper and all the wine you could drink.

Worn out and defeated by the sheer energy (and LOUDNESS, omg) of 20 children, we handed over baby,  called an Uber and were sound asleep at the Nomad hotel by 10pm. To all my friends with small kids out there..don’t hate me.

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