Have Your Esperanza, Y Tu Las Ventanas También

Never lacking in luxury hotel options, Los Cabos has given us some of the best beach resorts in the world. But, if you’re like me, the most intriguing debate (and one that I care to revisit over and over) is that of Esperanza vs. Las Ventanas. One will make you drop to your knees at the very awe of nature, while the other re-defines serenity. At sunset, there is truly no place like it on earth. And I’m talking about Esperanza. No, Las Ventanas. No, Esperanza. Catch my drift? Always the spoiled traveler, I got to experience both, but in very different ways.

My family and I had the privilege of staying in a friend’s three-bedroom residence villa at Esperanza. Normally, in August, it rents for $1650/night, yes PER NIGHT. Let’s just say I didn’t pay close to that. The highlight was the infinity pool that when you swim to the edge reveals the paradox of tumultuous waves crashing against steady rocks and the calm of the bleach white sand. We never got tired of the view from our pool nor the continuous pool-side service that included cucumber/mint popsicles, fruit skewers and of course a personal “pool butler” of sorts at your beck and call, ready to roll your towel into a pillow or whatever your heart’s desire. If we became too lazy to walk the few steps to the main pool, we had a plunge pool on our patio. Ah, the life.

Why leave you ask? A girl’s gotta eat, that’s why. And when you know your meal is going to cost upwards of $75/person you want the best experience possible. This is why you go to Las Ventanas. Esperanza has every category covered, but aside from the best Huevos Rancheros of my life, the food was anticlimactic, especially for the price.

When you make a dinner reservation at Las Ventanas, time it perfectly to 20 minutes before sunset. The sky is transformed into a watercolor masterpiece of pinks, purples and orange. Add to that the setting of raked sand gardens along a winding infinity pool that reaches down into the Sea of Cortez and you will be transported to another universe. A place that seems untouched by anything un-Godly. At this moment, as each lantern lights your path, you expect to find the gates of Heaven. It’s only when your maitre d’ leads you to your outdoor table that you realize you are at The Restaurant at Las Ventanas. Exceptional in every sense of the word, from the purse chairs (yes, a dainty little chair brought over especially for the ladies’ purse) to the synchronized dinner presentation, the gourmet Mexican menu is mouth watering and very worth the price. I highly recommend the Carne Asada and the Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate for dessert.

And so the debate lives on in my mind. For now, I will savor the memories and wish I was back in paradise at Esperanza. No, Las Ventanas. No, Esperanza…

TIP: August is a less expensive month to go to Cabo due to the high humidity. A family friend gave us an amazing deal on her time share, which is how I could afford to stay at Esperanza. Check the web for low prices on time shares this time of year and book directly thru the owner. Or, stay somewhere more affordable and splurge on dinner at Las Ventanas.

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