Stylish Stays

Stylish Stays are my collection of luxury, boutique hotels that have high standards of excellence in attention to detail, service, design, and style. They are hotels that have charmed me from the moment I arrived, and are ones that I often return to over and over again. While I do write about other hotels and resorts, anything approved for Stylish Stays means that it met a very high standard, and I am recommending it to you as your home away from home in neighborhoods across the globe.

The Nines, the best boutique hotel in Portland

Stay to The Nines, A Boutique Hotel in Portland (Updated 2021)

The Best Boutique Hotel in Portland High above Macy’s in Portland’s Pioneer Square lies a chic, luxurious dwelling, where those who appreciate art, design and Tiffany Blue can immerse themselves in this cultural epicenter.  We first visited The Nines in 2009, a year after it opened to great fanfare, debuting as the best hotel in …

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Villa Carlotta is an extended stay for artists and creatives to enjoy five-star service, the sophistication of a luxury boutique hotels with the modern conveniences of a well-appointed condo.

Villa Carlotta

a legendary extended stay in hollywood When Hollywood is your home, it’s easy to drive past buildings and film studios on your morning commute and ignore the fact that this place ignited the Golden Age—bringing with it lavish architecture that would satisfy the high-falutin taste of oil tycoons, bon vivants and movie starlets. In 1926, …

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