800 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

bottle-rock2If you haven’t heard, Culver City has arrived. It’s true there are plenty of ambitious restaurants to try if you haven’t already, but it’s the wine bar, Bottle Rock that has forced me to make the trek once a week to the city formerly known as home to Sony and not much else. Things have changed my friends.

Bottle Rock is an unpretentious, yet sophisticated “hang out” of sorts that can easily replace the conventional days of meeting friends for coffee. My recommendation? Go after work on a weekday. Share the small plates of roasted dates, cheese plate (don’t miss the Cadenza with honeycomb) and marinated olives. And then there is the wine…

With over 800 wine labels from around the world, don’t be afraid to ask your server for a suggestion. They will open any bottle of wine in the store regardless of the price if two glasses are purchased. This is a place where you won’t feel intimidated to learn about wine if you know nothing, but will feel at home if you know everything. And who really knows everything? Wine is a matter of opinion.

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