Blue Plate Oysterette

Oysters at Blue Plate Oysterette

What’s better than sitting outside in the summertime slurping down raw oysters and stuffing your face with a succulent lobster roll?? Um….NOTHING?!


And, every summer I vow that next summer we’re going to take a trip to New England, rent a little cottage and have a true east coast experience. Until then, we’ve made it our mission to try every lobster roll in Los Angeles, so when Blue Plate Oysterette opened on 3rd street a few weeks ago, you better believe I was ready for a taste test.

Just hooked
The place itself is adorable, bringing in a very New England vibe, with the blue & white striped rattan chairs.

Trying to be patient, but my mouth is salivating. A lobster roll would definitely be on my “last meal” menu.

lobster roll
She’s a beauty, isn’t she?! Definitely in the top three in town! (against Hungry Cat & Connie and Teds)

The Mister and I split this as well as the Ahi sandwich, which would have been perfect (I loved the hint of tarragon mixed with the homemade aioli), but the bread choice could have been taken up a notch if you want to get really nitpicky.


The fries though!…

I’ve recently been on a massive re-decorating kick and even had my friend Dana over to Feng Shui our place! It was so much fun, so check out her blog for your own easy tips that will help you design your dream life. I’ve always taken inspiration from my travels in decorating, but lately I’m finding inspiration everywhere—even the amazing decor at Blue Plate Oysterette.

Fancy bringing a little New England home with you? Here are a few things I’m lusting after!

New England Decor

1. Brass Pendant Light // 2. Rockport Outdoor Pillow // 3. Blue & White Striped Rug // 4. Rattan Chevron Chair // 5. Lobster Rolls of New England // 6. Wicker Tea Cart  // 7. Oyster Painting 

Blue Plate Oysterette.  8048 W 3rd Street.  Los Angeles, CA 90048.  323-656-5474

Another East Coast experience in Los Angeles – CrabFest at HungryCat (which is THIS SUNDAY! BTW!)

An amazing lobster roll in Boston

Shucking your own oysters in LA

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