CrabFest at Hungry Cat

It’s been a couple weeks since we ate literally all we could eat of crab prepared as many ways as you can imagine at Hungry Cat Hollywood’s 8th Annual CrabFest. But…I’ve been so busy with my bathroom makeover I’ve been putting off giving you the deets (I know—excuses, excuses). If you’ve never been to Hungry Cat, it is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in LA (for my other faves, visit my About page). Specializing in seafood, their lobster roll is TO DIE and try having just one of their artisanal cocktails (ask for the kumquatini when in seasaon). I tried challenging their lobster roll on our trip to Boston, and while B&G Oysters may have beat them in the succulence of the actual lobster, nothing compares to whatever sauce(?) that brings it all together.  But today, we weren’t here for the lobster. We were here for the crab.

Hungry Cat is tucked away in a courtyard off Vine in Hollywood. It has indoor/outdoor seating, but cannot accommodate a ton of people. Today, rows of family style tables were set up outside with butcher paper, so it definitely felt like a party. One of the fun parts about this restaurant is that it is completely unsceney. It just has amazing food, so you never know who you are going to see. We spotted Joel McHale at CrabFest, and as much as I love “The Soup,” it didn’t really top us sitting next to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski here on Valentine’s Day.

The entrance is usually way more low key.

It’s alive! It’s alive!

We weren’t the only ones that ate all we could eat! These bins were filled to the brim with steamed blue crabs upon arrival.

My friend Jamie and me before we got down and dirty.

Never forget (as Jamie was reminded), a Mint Julep only sounds sweet. The bourbon will put hair on your chest.

Time to get cracking, apparently!

Third course was a soft shelled po’ boy with bacon and heirloom tomatoes. I’m thinking they used whatever deliciousness they put on their lobster rolls on this sandwich. It was my favorite course!  If you must know, first course was a crab parfait with avocado and tomato and second course was choptank crab soup with crab and corn beignets.

More heirloom tomatoes were served as a side along with a corn and avocado salad. The best flavors of summer!

Dave & Jason wait patiently for more crab to arrive. Notice Jason is now drinking Jamie’s Mint Julep (love a man who will trade drinks when their lady isn’t happy—Dave does that for me ALL the time.)

I can’t remember if this was the 2nd load to arrive to our table or the 3rd. Nevertheless, we went thru a LOT of crab. The only thing that would have made this better is if we each had our own personal cracker. This was hard work, but so worth it!

For a sweet finale, we were served a stone fruit cobbler that had the consistancy and flavor of a tres leche cake with caramel sauce. It was a most satisfying ending to a really fun summer afternoon.

Sooo, what’s the point of me bragging about CrabFest if it’s only once a year and you missed it until next summer? Because you too can sign up for their newsletter and get in the know about all their events. Also, if you have never been, go and order this: a dozen oysters to share, market lettuce salad (then be sure to make it at home), lobster roll and OF COURSE a cocktail (you can’t go wrong, honestly). If you go between noon-6pm cocktails are half off.  My happiest of happy hours.

Hungry Cat.  1535 N. Vine Street.  Hollywood, CA 90028.  323-462-2155 . Other locations include Santa Monica and Santa Barbara

*Reservations highly recommended

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  1. now I need another soft shelled po’ boy! Those were too damn good! Oh and a half priced cocktail… By half price I mean 2 for the price of one.

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