The Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow in 2023

Since the pandemic, the importance of home and how we live in our space has continued to be top of mind for so many people. We purchased a new home in North Carolina last Christmas, and after a six month lease back to the former owners, we started a renovation around Labor Day. We finally moved in last week!

While we worked with an interior design firm in LA to help us with the majority of the project, we will have to finish the bells and whistles (styling and accessories) over time. But…that’s really as it should be. Your house should feel collected, not like you went to Crate and Barrel and just bought everything from Athena Calderone’s collection (ahem, note to self, but it’s soooo good!).

There are so many resources for design, and while I do love a great home tour for inspiration, my favorite blogs are the ones that actually give solid tips and help you figure out what size rug you need or what kind of side table would work next to your sofa. On that note, I have rounded up my favorite design blogs that check all of those boxes. If you have a favorite that I missed, let me know in the comments. Happy New Year!

A Roundup of My Favorite Interior Design Blogs

Photo by Sara Tramp

1. Style by Emily Henderson: There is truly no better blog for showcasing HOW to do everything from measuring your curtains to finding the perfect budget sofa to figuring out what size rug you need. I love that Emily shares her thought process and takes you along for the journey, unafraid of spilling all her best secrets.

2. Drew Scott of Lone Fox. Full disclosure, he’s my client over at The Storied Group. And he is incredible. He is one to watch in the DIY home space, showcasing his easy, affordable “daily dose of DIY.” From full room makeovers to simple decor hacks, he will keep your creative juices flowing.

Photo by Adrian Gaut

3. EyeSwoon:  It’s easy to dismiss Athena Calderone as excruciatingly perfect, but what I love about her blog is that while everything looks super high end, she has a generous mix of affordable decor. She recently updated her site to have a lot more shoppable content, which I really love.

4. Chris Loves Julia: Down to Earth and full of incredible DIY ideas, my favorite part about this blog is all the incredible resources. Some designers really don’t want to tell you where they shop or “trade secrets.” They share them all! Lucky us!

10 Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow

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5. Tao of Dana: My friend Dana is a feng shui master, and before you think that sounds like a bunch of hooey fooey, she’s way more into practical ways to fix your space to foster creativity and build your dream life. She loves color, plants, art, and helps you declutter to make room for more of what you really want.

6. Becki Owens: Every single image she posts is my dream home. Her blog gives so many great shopping roundups and inspiration from her projects that are always classic, but on trend.

7. Sarah Sherman Samuel: Sarah is also an LA based designer, and I love her renovation stories and that she, too, will share her resources with reckless abandon!

8. Shea McGee: I am so obsessed with her aesthetic, and I love that she has an entire online store now. I go to her blog multiple times a month to get inspiration, and it’s almost certain that I will find exactly what I’m looking for.

PS. See my own home tour complete with before and after shots and all resources!

37 thoughts on “The Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow in 2023”

  1. I’m also a huge fan of this blog- Style by Emily Henderson. Because the owner, Emily, shares her best experience in interior design at an affordable budget. I’m glad to see her blog being included here.

  2. I love looking up interior designer blogs. With Covid-19 happening I have a lot more time unfortunately to do this now. I’m an Abstract Fine Artist – Interior Design and Original art, I believe, have an important relationship with each other. In trying to find the benefits of what we are all experiencing right now and making this time valuable, I decided to shamefully lol try and introduce myself to a few Interior Designers. Perhaps one day we can work together. Stay safe.

    Best Regards,

    Lori Mirabelli

  3. Suzanne Becknell

    These are all beautiful. I love it all and have many elements in my own home. I do wonder, though, if they were just pictures in a gallery without description, would we think they were designed by the same person? Maybe this is the current trend, maybe we can’t get enough black, white and wood, or maybe there is a real lack of creativity and individuality. I’m not sure which applies, but I am starting to get the sense of cookie cutter design just replicated over and over. I hope that’s not the case and that the homes themselves will lend the uniqueness to all these designs. I guess for me, seeing your before and after pictures is much more inspiring! The hard (really hard) work, the vision to see something fabulous when it isn’t, and the ultimate transformation is what I love and inspires me to try it myself.

  4. I totally know what you mean. I think social media, while great for a lot of things, is not super great for creativity because everyone is influenced by everyone else and it does start to look the same. It’s why I love hotels so much because you can really push the boundaries of design in a cool way without having to live with something so bold in your own home. I know for me personally, when I know I won’t be able to afford to redo my house every few years, I try to stick to more timeless design (though I’m super guilty of having trendy things too…I’m looking at you gray and white moroccan tile in my bathroom ha). Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks so much for the blog low down, it’s really great to know a little about each blog and how the various blogs differ. Great information, and lovely photos also.

  6. Hi i am Alicia Zimnickas i am also interior designer and an artist. I always admire good work and looking for an inspiration for the modern interior design. All designs are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hey, these are great. I had already read some posts on Chris Loves Julia but will try the others too. Now that we’re spending more time at home, it’s awesome to invest some time and thought into what the space means for you. There are some incredible home décor ideas available online.

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  9. Hi! I am so in love with the exterior and interior of the house in this blog! Do you have any other photos of the exterior? We are trying to design our future home, and I love a lot of the details I can see from this view. Please let me know. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  10. Hi Gracie! Do you mean the header images? If so, it’s Chris Loves Julia’s Utah house and there are a lot of images on their blog. x

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  12. Hi! I am so in love with the exterior and interior of the house in this blog! Do you have any other photos of the exterior? We are trying to design our future home, and I love a lot of the details I can see from this view. Please let me know. ? Thank you!!!

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