Bathroom Makeover Progress

Good Lord. Remind me never to remodel an entire house. There has been no tearing down of walls, no building of custom cabinets, no ripping out of showers. But still, this project is very time consuming and seems never ending (patience isn’t my greatest virtue). Last we spoke of my bathroom, I had painted my cabinet and that was pretty much it. Since then, I have had a new light installed (though the black shades made the light too dim, so white ones are on order), my painter has been for a visit and things are looking up my friends. You’ll have to wait for the big reveal to see everything, but I had a crazy idea that I wanted to share. I have hired an artist to stencil one of my walls to look like wallpaper. I so desperately dreamed of having a chic wallpapered loo, but it’s just too risky in a rental situation, not to mention expensive. And, I don’t have great ventilation (super necessary). Call me crazy (maybe?).

Wallpaper Inspiration

Designed by Kishani Perera

The bedroom on the left is from Molly Sims NYC apartment (so incredible)

The left photo was designed by Thom Felicia. Very cool metallic wall!  I absolutely loved the liquid metallic grasscloth by Crezana on the right.

I bought this Elizabethan Damask stencil from DIYStencils on Etsy

 And some Ambassador Sterling Metallic Paint by Ralph Lauren hoping we can create the same look for a lot less!

So here goes nothing! This newly painted wall will soon have a little glitz—this Friday to be exact. Stay tuned to see if this risk pays off!

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  1. Oooh! I love a dressed up bathroom! And closet too, for that matter… Hope it all turns out as lovely in person as you are imagining! Can’t wait to see

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