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I think we can all agree on one thing—January would be a lot better if we could just take the month off from work and spend it on a warm beach somewhere! Even though we’ve had spring like temperatures here in L.A. (sorry, East Coast), I’ve got a weekend getaway on my mind. We had thought about heading up to Santa Barbara for the long weekend, but the 101 N is closed until Monday due to the catastrophic mudslides—California has had it rough these last few months!

Hope you guys are doing something fun this holiday weekend! Here are a few things I’ve been up to and some interesting links around the web.

Princess Margaret’s Morning Routine makes me rethink how I’m spending my time!

I loved this free 5-Minute Marketing Makeover.

I just started James Patterson’s Masterclass. If you aren’t familiar with Masterclass, it’s an online portal of video classes taught by masters in their field: Ron Howard teaches directing, Helen Mirren teaches acting, Frank Ghery teaches design + architecture. I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning a new skill or hobby.

I’m about to start reading this book that was on Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club list. Have you read it?

This looks amazing!

Your Dinner Planner this week

These are the Best Travel Destinations of 2018.

These perfect pillow combinations for every style are not helping my throw pillow addiction!

A New Luxury Hotel is Opening in the Middle of an Alaskan Glacier

Now that there is a travel advisory for traveling to Mexico, we are looking at other options for a spring getaway. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere that has those over water bungalows. If you’ve been to one, please respond to this email. I’d love to hear your recommendations!






2 thoughts on “Warm Weather Edition”

  1. Ok…..
    LMAO on The Princess!!!
    Clearly, there are no bills to pay or carpool lolololol
    No Social Media to post
    No Meals to cook
    No Dogs to walk
    and Not a care in the world….
    And from what I saw on The Queen, she’s a hell of a dancer.
    I love princesses like her.
    I could do a week of that! how about you??

  2. Isn’t it just too good?! I’m watching The Crown Second Season and I’m loving the storyline with her. She seems like a ton of fun! x

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