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A Digital Detox at the World's Best Luxury Wellness Retreat, Golden Door

I’m off to Golden Door today, which means I have my out-of-office turned on, and will be detoxing from as much digital distraction as possible. I think it’s more important now than ever that we actually find a way to give ourselves the gift of an actual vacation, and I was so pleasantly surprised that when I sent the email to all my clients that I would be taking two weeks off between now and the end of summer, the response was overwhelmingly supportive! A note to all you entrepreneurs out there—the thought that you have to work 24/7 to be successful is incredibly misinformed. Our brains need a break occasionally so that we can come back to our A-game. Though of course I travel and take days off from work, it’s very rare that I actually stop checking email, say that I am unavailable via text, or do a full digital detox. How long do you think you could last without your email or the internet?

While I’m away, here are a few things I’m loving this summer, and some interesting links from around the web.

30 Reasons to do a Digital Detox

I’ve had a hard time finding a good summer read this year, so I ordered this classic by one of my favorite authors Pat Conroy. Have you read anything recently you couldn’t put down?

Next to Wonder Woman, this is my favorite movie of the summer.

Nordstrom is having their yearly sale, and I have my eye on these boots, but my most popular style post ever featured these ankle boots— and they’re also on sale!

I’ve been working hard on my birthday trip to England coming up in August and found this adorable little restaurant in the Cotswolds. Have you ever?! If you have any recommendations for Bath, I’d love to hear them!

My husband has been trying to make bread after watching this series on Netflix. We highly recommend it!

Speaking of my husband, we’ve also been engrossed in this podcast that essentially lets you listen in on couples-therapy sessions. Fascinating!

“I love L.A.!”

More thoughts on taking a “real vacation”

6 No-Cook Meals Because it’s Too Hot for Ovens

Is this what our world is coming to?



4 thoughts on “Digital Detox”

  1. Libby Samuels

    We saw The Big Sick Last night and LOVED it! Both Rick and I laughed and cried simultaneously through the whole thing!

  2. Sandra Zaninovich

    My mom recently returned from a one-month unplugged vacation to Croatia, where she hadn’t been in 31 years, and was welcomed home by more than 4,000 emails!!!! She’s managed to weed out 2,000 so far.

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