Summer Essentials

One of my dreams is to take a summer off, rent a flat in London, and travel all over Europe—the way you can do only if you live there or if you’re an heiress who doesn’t have to work. Until then, I’m taking advantage of what LA offers, including our very own Venice Canals, and gearing up for some summer travel a little closer to home.

I always find it a little bit daunting to find the perfect travel outfit, especially in warmer months when being cool is preferable, but looking cool is non-negotiable. Leave it to my favorite fashion blogger, Damsel in Dior, to design the perfect dress that marries comfort with class. It’s my summer essential and I won’t be leaving home without it!

Venice Canals Overview-1

Scenes from the Venice Canals

Venice Canals-11

Purse Detail-1

Venice Canals-17

Venice Canals-15

Red Espadrilles

Venice Canals-5

Venice Canals-6

Venice Canals Mint Green-1

Splendid x Damsel Shirt Dress // Castaner Espadrilles // Eleven Roosters Clutch (similar)

5 thoughts on “Summer Essentials”

  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    Gorgeous photos and you look better than your look-alike Kate Upton as always. Aside from having dropped off or picked up a couple of people from this area over the years, I have never visited these canals! I can’t believe how we have places like this in our backyard and never see them. Thanks for reminding me of the charm and beauty right next door, I will put the canals on my list of immediate to-do’s. And those shoes are sold out in my size, dammit!!!

  2. OMG can I put you in my pocket and pull you out when I’m having a low self-esteem day?!? And I freaking wish!!
    I know…I hadn’t been in 10 years to the canals! Too bad it was 85 and sunny over here the day we went and it was gloomy as could be when we got near the beach. xx

  3. Sandra Zaninovich

    Hahahaha you KNOW I only speak truth to power :-))). And YES it is so easy to overlook all the wonders right next door. I especially kick myself over Yosemite, but there are things like this so very close, or that inn in Riverside that always pulls out all the stops for Christmas. There are canals somewhere further down south like in Newport or Long Beach or someplace. You have to put together a blog of those kinds of places!!!!

  4. Great idea! I tend to get bored with being home in LA, but need to look a little further to find cool things to do just out our doorsteps!!

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