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Hiking Griffith Park

You can’t eat your way through Los Angeles long before it starts to catch up with you, so this past weekend when my very outdoorsy brother-in-law visiting from the East Coast suggested we go for a hike, I decided to suck it up and get moving.  Besides, every time I hike, I remember what David Duchovny said as his character Jeremy on “Sex and the City” when Carrie went to visit him in the insane asylum, “Hiking…is just walking.” Crazy or not, hiking we went.

Griffith Park-17

Runyon Canyon is closed until July for repairs, so we decided to dodge the tour buses over at Griffith Observatory, where the Mt. Hollywood Hiking Trail begins. This is one of a few ways you can hike to the backside of the Hollywood sign.

Griffith Park-18

Griffith Park-15

But it was a loooong way.

Griffith Park-4

So we settled for this view of downtown LA and The Observatory. Not too shabby!

Griffith Park-12

Griffith Park-13

Griffith Park-14

Man’s best friend.

Griffith Park-16

Griffith Park-22

We were a few hours too early, but The Griffith Observatory at sunset is worth the annoying drive behind loads of cars and buses. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the ocean. It’s also a fun date night or place to bring family visiting after an early dinner (they stay open until 10pm).

Griffith Park-25

Griffith Park-26

Griffith Park

When we got home, we didn’t feel guilty at all about popping open a bottle of rosé and plopping down on the couch for the rest of the night. Hiking, after all, IS walking—uphill both ways.

5 thoughts on “The View from Here”

  1. I want to do that, sounds like fun even if tiring. They should film a movie in front of that observatory some time, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Beautiful scenery.

  2. Sandra Zaninovich

    Looks like yet another successful fun adventure for the always-glamorous Schonevelds (even when they’re dirty and dusty from hiking)!!! What would we your followers do without you to live vicariously for us and share so generously??? Thank you! I think I’ll remain here on the couch with my Toblerone :-)). But I read all of that with gusto.

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