Be Mine, Clementine


It’s almost February 14th, and I gave up the need for an overpriced, underwhelming dining experience years ago in lieu of pizza on the sofa with a great romcom and the love of my life. But I’m still a girl, and as ridiculous as it is, I still like a little surprise in the form of chocolates or flowers. AND A CARD. I’m making reference to the Valentine’s Day to end all Valentine’s Days right before I got engaged, when my soon-to-be finance was so upset over my engagement ring not being ready that he forgot to get me a card (or anything at all) and we sat in mad silence over a $200 dinner we couldn’t afford and almost broke up. It was my total Father of the Bride, “Give the little wife a blender” moment that I am not proud of, but I digress.

So yes, it’s almost that day of love, and whether you need a gift or (like me) you want to treat yourself for no occasion at all, I thought it the perfect time to share my very favorite flower shop here in Los Angeles, Clementine Floral Works. Located in Silverlake, conveniently next to the cheese store (another fave), they are overflowing with wildflowers and gorgeous unfussy arrangements that make every day feel like Valentine’s Day.

Clementine Florist-4

Clementine Florist

Hanging Succulents

Clementine Florist-5

Clementine Floral Works

Clementine Florist-6

Clementine Florist-7

Clementine Florist-12

Clementine Florist-8

Clementine Florist-9

Clementine Florist-16

Clementine Florist-17

Clementine Floral Works.  3936 W. Sunset Blvd.  Silverlake, CA  90029. 323-662-2808

3 thoughts on “Be Mine, Clementine”

  1. The lead in is hilarious! Just proves that those things that don’t kill us just make us stronger and how silly and funny those events really are when viewed from the rear view mirror. Nevertheless, I advise giving something, even if it’s homemade or a poem even if one is no Keats, Shelley, or Dickinson. Roger

  2. Sandra Zaninovich

    Hahaha Dave yes I was thinking the same thing as I read! BUT the fact is, that it WAS the V-Day to end all V-Days, because all the surrounding events were instrumental in leading to a happy and wonderful marriage between 2 meant-to-be people!

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