Selfies A’Broad

The Broad museum (pronounced brode) finally opened downtown and it’s single handedly taken over the social sphere. Since my invitation to the opening night gala was obviously lost in the mail, I quickly took to my phone over a month ago and reserved two tickets for the first weekend I could get. So, this past Sunday we grabbed our camera and couldn’t wait to capture it all.

But, then an interesting thing happened…

The Broad-12

As we made our way into the first room, we realized that not one single person there was in the moment or trying to have any sort of moving experience from this absolutely incredible art collection. And it really is incredible. The architecture of the building alone is a world wonder and it’s truly mind blowing that this collection is privately owned.

Instead, everyone there just wanted to take a selfie.

The Broad-2

The Broad-4

And, I mean who can blame them (us?) when you feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and landed on Jeff Koons tulips surrounded by Christopher Wool paintings.

The Broad-7

And then you get to walk under a giant size table and chairs.

The Broad-3

The art here is rather cheeky—playful if you will. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. But, it’s all very serious in the world of contemporary art. The Broad collection is among the most prominent collections of contemporary art that exists.

The Broad-6

The Broad-9

I spy Damien Hirst.

The Broad-8

But, playful turned to annoyance when an entire family held up anyone from viewing an installation because they were making a live video of the family experiencing the museum as a birthday message—they even brought birthday signs to use as props. Sadly, they didn’t get it on the first take. Or the third.

The Broad-11

The Broad-14

Most of the big art exhibits I’ve been to do not allow photos and I’m always bummed out because of COURSE it makes for some fine Instagram material.  But, having looked at it ‘from both sides now,’ it’s much better to experience art when selfies aren’t in the way.

A little tip—if you want to see the Infinity Mirrored Room, you must reserve special tickets for that early in the day. We were really disappointed that a general ticket isn’t enough and because I reserved tickets quickly on my phone, I didn’t see the fine print.  I do look forward to visiting this museum again when the initial excitement wears off and it’s (hopefully) less crowed.

The Broad Museum. 221 S Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012

3 thoughts on “Selfies A’Broad”

  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    Yes we live in a brave new world where much is better than it ever was, but even more is worse, in my opinion (or should I say imo?! And post a selfie to illustrate it??). Thankfully your expert photography managed to make it appear as if you were the only ones there. Thanks for the taste of the museum, I too look forward to the inevitable day when the masses will be on to the next Big Thing and I can visit this wonderful museum in relative peace. Meanwhile my virtual visit through you will have to suffice, so it’s a good thing you did such a great job.

  2. Yeah, in retrospect I wish I had actaully taken photos of people taking photos, which would have been more accurate! But, sometimes you don’t know the story angle til you get home and think back on it. Haha! It’s still a really amazing place to visit…you should go on your day off during the week. I bet it’s way less crowded than a Sunday.

  3. Sandra Zaninovich

    Yes that’s definitely one of the benefits at working at a 7-day-a-week place, you get weekdays off! And I am excited to see this museum. Thanks again for showing it in its best light.

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