Cocktails Atop the Peninsula Paris

There are rooftop views. And then there is THIS ROOFTOP VIEW.

Molly inside Peninsula (1 of 1)
We arrived at The Peninsula Paris, rather on a whim. Translation: no reservations. It was a risk, and at first, I wasn’t sure it was one that paid off.  Case in point, my fake smile as I sat inside with no view because all the outdoor tables were full.

Peninsula Paris (1 of 46)

But, within about 15 minutes, we were in luck! We grabbed our blackberry mojitos and plopped down at the outdoor bar otherwise known as the Kléber Terrace. Though we were only here for cocktails, they also serve breakfast, lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. Just know that you will want to plan for the occasion—even in my black day dress, I felt a little less than “smart.”

Eiffel Tour Day2 (1 of 1)

Paris rooftops
You could see for miles across the City of Light!


Dave at Peninsula (1 of 1)

All smiles…


And we clinked our glasses as the sun started to set and the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower began to glow.

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airplane and tour de eiffel (1 of 1)

Peninsula Paris (11 of 46)

Peninsula Paris (9 of 46)

Once night had fallen, it was time to depart. We wound our way through the glamorous chandelier lit corridors and back to the lobby for our final Peninsula Moment until our carriage (Uber) pulled up and whisked us back to reality (the Latin Quarter).

Note: Rooms at the Peninsula start at €795 per night, but if you are looking for the lap of luxury, this is one of the best. Cocktails on the roof are a great way to experience the hotel for a lot less. They also have a beautiful French restaurant on the same floor with the same views (indoor seating). 

Peninsula Paris.  19 Avenue Kléber,  75116 Paris, France.

A boutique luxury hotel in Paris

Spring in Paris

6 thoughts on “Cocktails Atop the Peninsula Paris”

  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    Wowza y’all sure know how to grab life by the cojones! And to go home to the Latin Quarter….the best! Although all this luxury is wonderful at times, I’ve always preferred la vie boheme.

  2. Molly,

    I will be visiting Paris for the first time soon and this fine article of yours just made my anxiety levels surge – can’t wait! I’m considering to ask my GF that magical question and a spectacular Paris view might just turn the odds a bit more into my favor 🙂 My doubt at this point is if I should get a room with a view by booking on of these hotels found at or simply book a table at The Peninsula rooftop.

    Since you’ve already been there, would love to hear your opinion.


  3. Oh my gosh! Well, first I’m honored that you would ask my opinion on possibly the most important day of your life. Second, I really think your budget is going to come into play here. Some hotels will say they have views of the Eiffel Tower, but it’s not the view as spectactular as the one on my site. If getting a room at the Peninsula or another 5 star hotel in Paris with a view is an option, I say go for that. But, I’m willing to bet if you call the concierge at the Pensinsula and tell them you want to propose on their rooftop,they would help you make that extra special. It’s pretty unbelieveable and I do think it would make for a very memorable moment, even if you end up staying somewhere without a view. Hope this helps and please keep me posted. Would love to hear what happens!

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