Patio Woes: Decorist to the Rescue

What It’s Like Using an Online Interior Design Service

Apparently, I have that thing new moms get after they go through the pangs of labor, swearing they’ll never do it again, and then, of course they do. Meaning…here we are again, not even four months later, under construction (cue head in hands)—this time on our patio. The thing about living in a townhouse is that you really need every ounce of space you have, so for us, not having a usable patio has not only been an eye sore, but a huge bummer with the start of summer, especially in Los Angeles. We had planned to put it off a few more months, but when Decorist appeared in the form of my fairy Godmother and offered their online interior design services, let’s just say, they’re making all my dreams come true!

If you haven’t heard, Decorist, is an awesome online design platform that partners you with a virtual designer to help create a magazine worthy space all within your budget. In a nutshell, it makes having professional help affordable. They have three tiers of makeovers and I was given the Classic Makeover ($199). After filling out a detailed online profile about my likes, dislikes, favorite stores, and uploading some inspiration photos, I was paired with a designer, who came up with with two different concepts in my budget complete with design boards, designer notes and a shopping list!

Outdoor Patio Inspiration

I’m obsessed with European gardens.  But, we see our patio as an extension of our living space, where we can have more room to entertain friends in a relaxed setting that doesn’t feel too formal.  My hope was that Decorist could find a balance between that English garden look I crave and more modern comforts.

My Patio Inspiration via Beaux Mondes Designs

via Beaux Monde Designs


via Home Designing

Patio inspiration 3

via Style Estate


via Lonny 

Because Lowe’s is a partner of Decorist, they chose ME (OMG) to sponsor for this makeover. Which, basically means I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. While my designer did choose a few things that I purchased from other vendors like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, Lowe’s is my main vendor. Every day, with so many boxes piled high by my front door, it feels like Christmas!



Decorist Design Concept 1

Decorist Design Board1




Decorist Design Board2_2

Decorist Design Board2


Which concept gets your vote??

It won’t be long before it’s complete and I am SO excited for the outcome! Stay tuned for the big reveal, where I will share all the before + after photos as well as the shopping list for our new patio!

In case you missed it – Before + After: Our Completed Remodel

5 thoughts on “Patio Woes: Decorist to the Rescue”

  1. I think you will choose #1. Also, just something to think about. It does rain, you know, and it’s awfully nice not to have too many pillows to have to throw into the house.

  2. Sandra Zaninovich

    I went back and forth until my eyes were crossing and I still can’t decide which is nicer! They are both great and you are a huge winner either way. But definitely keep us posted, enquiring minds and all that jazz…..

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