Rose Geranium Sabbayon

Hello from somewhere over the U.S. as I make my way home to North Carolina. My grandmother passed away this morning, so I’m headed home to say goodbye and be with family. The time in the air has given me some time to reflect on the things I loved most about her. I’d even like to think I inherited some of her traits…like her independence, her fight, her strength, (and hopefully) a bit of her generosity…it was endless. She knew what she wanted and she always got it. She was smart as a whip and I have no doubt had she been born in a different era, she would have been quite the business woman. She loved cats. I mean LOVED. Loved them more than most humans. Except my papaw. She not only loved him with every ounce of her being, but he loved her back like that and when I think of them, I think back to a particular car ride when I was a kid… the two of the in the back seat, me in the front. They had their arms around each other and my papaw was trying to gross me out by kissing her and telling me how in love with her he was. My grandmother also had a sweet tooth. She would always eat dessert first and sometimes she would only eat dessert. So, Grandmother, this one is for you. Though, I know you were happiest with a soft cone from McDonalds, I have a feeling you would have loved this too. I hope you are sharing one now with Papaw and Grandma Kimel.

This recipe is from our Farmer’s Market Mashup that I told you about. Thanks to chef Yves Vacheresse for sharing!

Rose Geranium Sabbayon 

4 egg yolks

½ cup evaporated cane juice (or granulated sugar)

½ cup Champagne

2 Tbsps. finely chopped rose geranium leaves

1 cup heavy cream

Fill a medium saucepan, to use as a double boiler, halfway with water. Heat to a boil. Lower heat to keep at a low simmer

In a large stainless steel or glass mixing bowl, combine all ingredients except cream. Place bowl on top of double boiler. Whisk content of bowl briskly until it triples/quadruples in volume and becomes thick and creamy. The yolks should be as cooked as possible but not curdled. Remove from heat and continue whisking until cooled.

Separately, whisk heavy cream to soft peaks

Fold cream delicately into egg mixture

To serve:

Serve over berries or sliced peaches. Can also be frozen and used as a frozen dessert

Photo by Ragan Brooks

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