Farmers’ Market Mashup

A few weeks ago, my good friend Ragan had the genius idea to throw a party. Only the guests were going to be in charge of the cooking. GENIUS. The concept was simple. We all met at the Farmer’s Market in Hollywood on Sunday morning promptly at 9am.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2587

Except for the promptly part ;). Love you, Virginia!

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2571

Ragan broke us out into teams…with people we had never met (gasp)! We each drew for the course we would be in charge of and the rules were this—everything had to be made using ingredients from the Farmer’s Market and we would meet back at Ragan’s to put it all together. May the best (wo)man win!

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2585

Steve and I drew the “Cold Main” course and we had about an hour to figure out what we were going to make and buy all of our ingredients. OHMYGAHIMSOSTRESSED! No, seriously, I tried not to stress about the fact that I’m much better when I have a plan and a recipe, but hey, I’m cool, I can be spur of the moment, I can be spontaneous! (Ha, Ha, Ha. Do you know me at ALL?)

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2590

2015-04-12 12.14.01

Ragan had a grand old time playing paparazzi, watching the rest of us sweat!

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2646

2015-04-12 12.27.40-2

Dave looks worried. (He should be, mwahaha)

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2591

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2623

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market doesn’t hold a candle to the food Mecca that is Santa Monica (where all the chefs shop), but the produce is gorgeous and I’m grateful it’s just up the street from where we live. Look at that citrus!

2015-04-12 12.12.29-1

And these flowers! These are ranunculus from Silver Lake Farms —aren’t they gorg??

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2594

After some deliberation, we settled on a cold noodle dish, so we started hunting & gathering.  Steve knows his way around a Farmer’s Market—note rolling suitcase. Smart partner = I win! Though we only found noodles at the last minute and thought we were doomed!

2015-04-12 12.00.14

If it’s English, I’m buying.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2559

We all arrived back at Ragan’s to find her prop room (!!!) decked out with fancy table accoutrements.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2719

So, I quickly stole the prettiest bunch!

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2717

While Steve grabbed the rest.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2773

Then we got to work.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2712

Some of us more than others…Dave!

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2825

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2854

But, he did work the champagne & cocktails which were flowing aplenty. They also lessened the pressure.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2855

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2799

Pretty soon, we were all old friends, giving each other tips and learning new tricks.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3017

 After all, we were in the presence of a professional French chef! He so generously gave us all a few lessons.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2788

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2811

Bradford here on Team One, getting his tuna ready for our appetizer.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2938

Do I spy quail egg? These teams were not playing around.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_2986

Just look at that masterpiece!

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3217

Team Two was up next and Steve and I managed to snag the best outdoor spot we created to look like an English garden party. Good tactic, no? Divert attention away from the actual food in case it sucked.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3204

But, thankfully it was a hit. Our cold noodles with shrimp, radish & English Peas in a lime mint dressing was kind of amazing. If I do say so myself.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3289

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3348

Team Three had it the hardest I think with the hot main. They brought the ambition, presenting us with a savory French Toast with wild mushrooms,  asparagus  and tomato. Fantastic!

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3370

We ate our main course family style alfresco, while bonding over the day’s event.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3424

That is until dessert arrived.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3417

Rose geranium sabayon with lemon pistachio praline and fresh flowers. Have. You. Ever. It was ridiculously amazing and basically art in a bowl. I’m begging for the recipe.

Farmer's Market Mash Up_3492

What an absolutely delightful day this was. Thank you, Ragan! This was maybe my favorite “dinner” party ever.  In fact, Virginia & Bradford are hosting round 2 this Sunday and I’m bringing my A game. You MUST try this at home.

Recipes coming soon on Ragan’s blog Beauty in the Bite!

4 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Mashup”

  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    Wow! Amazing!!! Only…..friends don’t invite friends places at 9 a.m. :-)). Other than that, I’m pea-green with envy!!!

  2. We should try that with our Dinner Club……only if I can be the photographer. Otherwise, I’d be freakin freaking out! Glad you all enjoyed it. Looks like great fun!

  3. What a fantastic, adventurous idea! Would I have what it takes to rise to the occasion? I’m not sure, but the idea is quite motivating by itself! Beautifully photographed! Xo

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