Bar Amá

The other night, I got together with my new friend Nicole for a little girl’s night at Bar Amá. We met recently at a little blogger day in the park put together by The Londoner, a blog we have both loved for a long time. Tea was sipped, dogs were pet, new friends were made. Thanks, Rose!

Molly Bar Ama

Now, settling on THE place to meet between two bloggers is HILARIOUS. After much back and forth, we both got excited about Bar Amá, one of Josef Centeno’s many new eateries.

Bar Ama3

The thing to know is that while they do have a bar, you come here for the food. It is Tex-Mex inspired and the flavors will pretty much knock your socks off.
Bar Ama

We decided to meet on the early side, hence why it looks so empty. But, by the time we left, the place was packed.

Molly and Nicole

That’s Nicole–check out her awesome blog Hourglass & Bloom. It won’t take you long to see why we hit it off! We have very similar taste i.e. we both love to eat!


Speaking of eating, up first was the shrimp ceviche. It was one of our favorite dishes—way chunkier than ceviche normally is and the pomegrante seeds added extra zing.

pork belly

Nicole and I love both bacon (who doesn’t?), so it’s no surprise this was one of Nicole’s favorites. I could have drown myself in that sauce (incredible), but my favorite was up next…


Honestly, this dish should be mandatory. They should not allow you to eat here without ordering the baby squash that you wrap in homemade tortillas. I would have really never thought to order it (more tacos please!), but we were going back and forth with our waiter and he highly recommended. I don’t know what they put in here…crack? But, if you go, you have to get it. That’s all I’m saying.

shrimp taco

Nicole did her research and found out about these elusive “puffy tacos” not on the menu, which for some reason just makes you feel cooler for ordering them. We decided on one shrimp and one cheesy potato. They were good, but next time I’m going after the lobster taquitos.

downtown la

I love coming downtown for dinner and this is why. Bar Amá is in the middle of where the Art Walk happens, so you are surrounded by strung lights and lots of galleries.
Molly lights

Orsa & Winston

On the way out, I peeked in the window of Orsa & Winston located next door, another of Chef Centeno’s places (pretty soon he’s going to own all of downtown). They have what looks to be an incredible tasting menu for $60 pp, not a bad deal where tasting menus are concerned.
Nicole and Molly
Nicole, would you like a second date?? Maybe next time we’ll invite the guys…

Another Josef Centeno restaurant I love

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