Foodie Friday: Bäco Mercat

You may remember a few months ago, I went to the Art Walk. And while downtown, we tried Bäco Mercat for dinner. I’m not sure if it was my mood, my headache or my juvenile refusal to be wowed, but I left thinking “meh”…I’ve had better. And then I stomped my feet and had a tantrum ;).  Well, I went back for their signature bäco and I owe them an apology for those thoughts I had (even if I kept them to myself). And now, I give you the Bäco in 3 Acts.

Act One: “The Original”

The waiter insists (as a first timer) you try the original bäco, which is then placed delicately in front of you. Your eyebrow raises and you think…Phff, how expected, vapid, obvious. A flatbread sandwich. 

Act Two: A Better Look

You rotate your plate and get a glimpse inside. Interesting (you think). A piece of Succulent pork tumbles out as their homemade  salbitxada oozes slowly down the vibrant greenery and puddles just under a bright red tomato. You try to ignore it. Then you spy the beef carnitas. The other eyebrow raises. You’re curious. 

Act Three: A Love Story

You take a bite. Ohhh! Mmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm! Your hands are disgustingly messy. You don’t care. You take another bite. What IS that salbitxada?? (if you must know it’s a Catalan sauce traditionally served with calçots known to us as spring onions). You wipe your hands on your napkin. You take bite after bite without stopping for a breath. Or a conversation. You ask for more napkins. You are dizzy with euphoria. Drunk on flavor. Gobsmacked with the realization that you are in love…

With a flatbread sandwich.

The End.

Bäco Mercat.  408 S. Main Street. Los Angeles,  CA 90013.  213-687-8808


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