Sh*t Girls Say

As I mentioned yesterday, last Thursday night my friend Elisabeth and I went book party hopping. But, I only told you about the first one. The second half of our evening was spent at “our spot”—Palihouse, which houses our monthly catch up sessions that includes topics as far and wide as Bee Venom Masks and British literature to the bloggerati and Peter Facinelli (but only because he happened to be sitting one table over the day his divorce was announced, so sue us).  I dare ya to keep up with one of our dinners. It’s a lot of sh*t girls say, which brings me to the real reason we found ourselves back at Palihouse on this particular night. The social media sensation Sh*t Girls Say was having their book party and we were there in full support. The hilarious duo, Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard (yes dressed like a girl) were there mingling amongst a candy bar and a bar bar, rejoicing in how those silly things us girls say got them a book deal. After shaking hands and kissing babies, Elisabeth and I bid adieu and settled in for a scrumptious dinner in the courtyard over another monthly dose of gossip. But, I’ll be keeping that sh*t to myself.

The Palihouse is a luxury long-stay property, meaning it costs about the same as a luxury boutique hotel, but the amenities are greater—fully equipped kitchens, in suite washer/dryer, on call masseuse, personal shopper & chauffeur, you know, all the comforts of home ;).

Graydon Sheppard dancing the night away. “Are you going to be embarrassed to be seen with me dressed like this?”

The Palihouse has tons of fun events, but when they aren’t, it’s a really cool, yet quiet spot to hang with friends.

Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard showing their book to a party guest

 Buy the book here.

The candy bar

I got a goodie bag full of sour patch kids and wax lips.

“My life is so crazy sometimes.”

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