Caneel Bay: Glamping on St. John

Last year was a season of weddings, taking us to some exotic locations like St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Would I endure such a long flight from the west coast again you ask? Probably not. But, if the Caribbean beckons you, it’s important to know where to stay. Having suffered the first two nights at the Westin (it desperately needs to be revamped), the only option for a hotel is the marvelous Caneel Bay: A Rosewood Resort. Surrounded by seven secluded beaches, the resort sits on a National Park, where nature is reverently preserved and modern technology is politely disregarded (there are no telephones or televisions in the rooms). I call this glamping, glamorous camping. And it’s really the only way I want to be one with nature.

The rooms have a cottage feel, all outfitted with air-conditioning, so you can take advantage of the ceiling fans and large open windows (or not). There is no glass on the windows, so when you open the shutters, it is literally outside-in. Here, away from it all,  you are encouraged to wade in the sapphire waters, enjoy Afternoon Tea, watch the deer along the paths, and throw open the shutters to feel the warm breeze as you take your daily nap.

If sleeping in a tropical breeze won’t recharge your spirit, spend a few hours on the white sand beach looking out at some of the most pristine water that exists on the planet. Suddenly that email from your boss seems laughably unimportant.

DINE: As with most islands, food is extremely overpriced on St. John. La Tapa is the only restaurant that I recommend as the food and service was exceptional.

NOTE: Keep in mind what time of year you go to the Caribbean. We went in late June and it was ridiculously humid (mosquitoes!) and rainy.

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4 thoughts on “Caneel Bay: Glamping on St. John”

  1. Sounds very alluring and enticing indeed, especially the way you describe it Molly! However upon reading about “some of the most pristine water that exists on the planet” I feel it is my patriotic, jingoistic duty to point out that astronauts from space have said that the water on the Croatian side of the Adriatic is actually the bluest you can see from space. Am eagerly looking forward to THAT post :-)).

  2. Haha Sandra, I’m waiting on my tour guide! 😉 And notice I did say “SOME of the most” not “THE most” I would never disregard your beloved Hvar! 🙂

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