You Say DELano; I Say DelANO

Photo: Lutor44

This past weekend while attending the Fontainebleau Grand Opening in Miami, I came to an astonishing realization. V.I.P. status is only fun when you aren’t sharing it with 2000 of your closest friends. There comes a point when levels of V.I.P status become apparent. You start to wonder, “Am I the only guest waiting two and half hours for room service?” Doubtful. After two days of fighting crowds, fighting for event credentials, and wondering how I got stuck in the original, lesser fabulous tower, I was ready to throw in the towel.

Just in the nick of time, Sunday morning arrived. I knew I had to make a bold move and fast. “Taxi to the Delano please.” Those five simple words saved me. Miami seen from The Blue Door Terrace at the Delano Hotel is the Miami that will woo my return.

Photo: Andy Chang
Photo: Andy Chang

As I made my way onto the steps of the all white, ivy-covered front porch and into the “indoor/outdoor” lobby, where drapes of gauzy white fabric lead to the emerald sea, I knew the “old Miami” was gone. This was the “new Miami” and I loved it. Now, the Delano is not a new destination, but it is THE destination of those in the know—world class, elegant, sensational.

delano-blue-door-terraceAll alone on a Sunday morning, I took a seat on the Terrace for Sunday Brunch. My server immediately wrapped my shoulders in a pashmina, as it was one of the rare cool days in this tropical paradise. The toughest part of my morning? The decision to splurge on the $62 buffet or order off the menu. Temping as it was, I ordered the Eggs Benedict with prosciutto (perfection!) and the best grilled asparagus I have ever tasted. I took in the views and savored every bite, all the while saying a silent prayer that on my next trip to Miami, my time at the Delano would be an extended affair. Until next time…

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