Cocktail Hour

And so it seems there are two words in my vocabulary lately–work and cocktails (exactly in that order). Oh, and vacation. But, unfortunately that’s a story for another day. I finally made a visit to Bar Keeper in Silver Lake and it ignited even further my recent obsession with bringing back the cocktail hour. Here’s what I’ve learned:

First things first. You must always have the right outfit, or in this case, be outfitted with
the right barware. Case in point— Cocktail Cups by Charles Schumann. I bought six.

If you are going to make me a [insert gin,vodka] tonic, please make it with Fever-Tree Tonic Water. Seriously, it really is the only tonic worth drinking.

Bitters makes everything better, and Bar Keeper has the biggest and best selection—which you will definitely need if you try to attempt any of these cocktail recipes .

I need a lesson from Marcos Tello, the mixologist behind some of LA’s finest bars i.e. The Edison, First & Hope. Pictured here, my special request at First & Hope for a drink similar to their former Blackberry Cobbler. This one was infused with rosemary—spectacular!

And finally, it’s five o’clock somewhere. Cheers, people!

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  1. Love it! I’d love to visit this Bar Keeper place!! Must include this on my LA trip itinerary. Now if only I could actually get out there…. 🙂 2 hours to go here in FL till cocktail hour! And so the countdown begins…

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