Spa Psyc at The Parker (An Update)


I’m not sure how you can improve on what I already felt was spa perfection, but some how, The Parker’s Psyc has managed. It had been two years since my last visit and I must say, they have reached Titanic status (minus the tragic ending). They still have all the amenities that lured me before, but the co-ed pool area has been given quite the face lift. Now featuring two jacuzzis, a meditation tent and gorgeous quiet room, where you can relax with an ice cold eye mask, life, if only for a moment, doesn’t get any better. That is until the oysters on the half shell and a Pimms Cup arrive pool side–“spa food” at its finest.

Pay special attention to the Manifesto on the wall. Number One: “We believe in the American Country Club Experience—mixed doubles, a long steam and a stiff cocktail.” Poo-pooers can kindly exit through the back door.  Once properly geared up for your main voyage (I chose an hour deep tissue massage), make sure to flip through their music selection. You’ll be forever spoiled by attention to detail.

As my husband and I smiled at Dustin Hoffman making his way into the steam room, I couldn’t help but wonder what song he chose during his treatment. Unfortunately “Mrs. Robinson” was not an option.

Spa Psyc at The Parker Hotel. 4200 East Palm Canyon Drive.  Palm Springs, CA.  760-321.4629

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  1. What a gifted writer you are. This made me want to go NOW. Unfortunately I’m a ways off right now. And while I would prefer to see Ann Bancroft heading into the steam room (yes I know she’s dead) it would’ve been cool to see the “Rain Man”.

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