Desert Serenity: Spas of Palm Springs

I’ll admit it, I’m a spa junkie.  So, it wasn’t exactly hard labor when I set out to visit three of the most talked about spas in Palm Springs to see how they compare.  What I found is that while all three offered a very different experience, there is definitely something for everyone.  Find out how to sail away without getting on a boat, secrets to getting a better deal and what it means to be “two bunched.”

psyc-pool-2Psyc at The Parker– It’s the lush blue and white nautical theme that will first lure you into its vast chamber of relaxation.  But, it’s their attention to detail that will hypnotize you into never wanting to go back home.  I had the entire ladies’ saltwater pool to myself as well as the Jacuzzi that sits within perfect view of the private outdoor patio.  The spa facilities alone are worth the cost of the treatments (Molton Brown products anyone?). I booked a hour massage at $150.00.  Pricey?  Yes.  But it’s hard to be unhappy when they give you a book from which to pick your own music. I chose classical. “Beethoven or Chopin?” God is in the details.  Need more coaxing than this?  How about a sheet of inspirational quotes to read while you wait?  My favorite was from none other than Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.”  Ain’t it the truth.

spa-la-quinta_square-page-2Spa La Quinta– Located at the legendary La Quinta Resort and Club, there is a definite sense of history here.  It’s Spanish charm meets Hollywood glam.  The co-ed outdoor waiting area complete with shaded loungers is my favorite feature.  Laze about in your white terry robe sipping spa water, all the while enveloped in a tranquil mist that offers a cooling oasis in this desert gem.  The spa itself does not constitute the pricey $140 for a 50 minute massage (there aren’t many “extras” i.e., no Jacuzzi and alfresco outdoor baths not included). But, to share a little secret, if you go in the heat of summer, their room rates aren’t the only thing to drop.

two-bunch-palms-grotto_resizedTwo Bunch Palms-There’s a reason this spa destination is considered a sacred retreat.  It is best enjoyed (as I would imagine) not by coming for the day (as I did), but by really letting go and embracing “the art of doing nothing” for a while.  More rustic than posh, you come here to appreciate nature, not what man hath made. The property is dotted with little huts that behold mud baths and private pools for your individual treatments.  Their infamous “Grotto” is where one of the hottest natural mineral springs flows to create a unique blend of elements not found any other place on earth.  I arrived in time to savour the warm waters before my “Aqua Reflexology” treatment.   I found that for my only treatment at $130 + tip (for day spa-ers there is an additional $25 facilities fee), I should have picked something on dry land, since the Grotto alone was absolute perfection.  If you aren’t coming here to stay, it is important to note that the waiting area and locker “room” (a small closet of sorts) is not set up for you to lounge and primp.  The idea here is to embrace solitude (no cell phones, whispers only, no kids), not worry with trivial matters.  While you might leave with wet hair, you will certainly leave having been “two-bunched.”

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