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Hello old (and new!) friends,

I am so excited to share that I have successfully changed the name of this website from This Yuppie Life to The Sought After. As you will notice, not much has changed in terms of this space. It did get a little visual makeover, but my goal was never to create something entirely new, but rather to sharpen and focus what I already have, with a new name that I can feel proud of.

In terms of content, you can still expect to find inspiration for travel (Sought After Escapes), boutique hotels (Stylish Stays), stylish decor (Sought After Spaces), business (Sought After Stories), and so much more. My Sunday Edition blog posts have now been transformed into my weekly newsletter, so rather than it being a blog post, you will get it in the form of a weekly newsletter with exclusive content and links to anything you may have missed on the blog that week. 

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I’m so excited for everything that is to come as I transform this space into a virtual destination where we can share ideas and inspire each other—whether in business or in pleasure. I’m always looking for new places to visit, hotels to feature, and all things sought after. Please reach out in the comments or on social media if you find something you think I’ll love.

With much gratitude xx

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