5 Reasons Why You Need Celebrity Clients

Ever wondered why it's important to have celebrity clients or a celebrity endorser for your brand? Celebrity Publicist Molly Schoneveld gives you five reasons why you should consider having a celebrity endorser for your business.

It’s Oscar weekend here in L.A., and I thought it was the perfect time to talk about why you should want celebrity clients and how having a celebrity endorser can set your business up for major success. Fashion-design careers have been made from one simple red carpet question, “Who are you wearing?” And yes, I’m aware that we really should #AskHerMore.

Social media has made it easier than ever for celebrities to share their favorite products, services , and travel destinations. While this doesn’t mean that I’m suggesting you offer your services or send products to just anybody in the public eye with a million followers, I am suggesting that you figure out what celebrity might make sense for what you’re offering—and realize that in today’s oversaturated marketplace, having a celebrity talk about how great you are can be worth more than a magazine feature. My client Ali, pictured above, regularly sells out clothes and products that she talks about on her blog AliLuvs and on her social media; that is true influence.

Here are five reasons you need celebrity clients:

1) CELEBRITIES EQUAL PRESS: For the entertainment magazines and news shows (this includes E!, US Weekly, People Access Hollywood, etc.) having celebrity clients is really the only thing they care about. Let’s be clear:  Not all celebrity endorsements equal press. It must be someone relevant whom the magazines care about, so start paying attention to who gets featured over and over.

2) CELEBRITES INFLUENCE SALES: If you have the right celebrity endorsing your product, service, or business, it can sell out your product and make you very in-demand. It can mean the difference between very few people knowing about your business and everyone knowing about your business.

3) THEY GIVE YOU CLOUT: It’s not just the entertainment media who cares whether or not you have celebrity clients. Even Vogue magazine recently asked me what celebrities had been to a luxury spa I represent.

4) THEY CAN HELP GROW YOUR AUDIENCE: I know for sure that my clients who get shout-outs from celebrities on social media grow their audiences exponentially faster than those who don’t. In fact, it is the number one way to get more followers on social media.

5) CELEBRITIES ARE FRIENDS WITH OTHER CELEBRITIESIf a celebrity likes your product or service, chances are, they are going to tell their friends about it. This can lead to a snowball effect. I know of one well-known nutritionist in Los Angeles who gifted an A-list celebrity’s stylist. The stylist loved the service so much, she told her celebrity client. That celebrity wrote a foreward for the nutritionist’s book, and ended up telling all her celebrity friends; that nutritionist has now been on pretty much every major talk show that exists and tons of major magazines.

Photo by Ashley Burns Photography

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