What the &%$! Do You Do All Day?

A Day-in-the-Life of a Celebrity Publicist

I rarely if ever talk about my job here because, well, it’s my job. It makes me happier to write about fun things to do when we all get a minute of down time. But, being that I keep getting asked the same questions—what does a publicist do all day?, I thought I would try and answer through photos I took with Instagram during my week. As any celebrity publicist would agree, our job seems to dangle in the confines of the mysterious. From the outside, our daily tasks can seem frivolous, glamorous and “we’re not curing cancer here, people.” We are easy targets for jokes, yet appeared as #7 on the list of The Most Stressful Jobs of 2012 after an enlisted military soldier, police officer, firefighter and pilot. Am I the only one who thinks that is INSANE???? Insane and true. While stressful at times, I still love it and get to make a living doing some very cool things and going to some very cool places. Without further ado, I invite you to come along for a day-in-the-life of a celebrity publicist.

At the Sowden House for my client’s wedding

As a celebrity publicist, I am there for the good, the bad and the ugly. Fortunately, the good this week was my client’s wedding. I attended as a guest, but my job consisted of negotiating which magazine was going to get the photos first, working with the photographer to get approval of the images before they were released, setting up the interview and just making sure everything went according to plan. Normal business hours do not exist in Hollywood. Most of this took up my weekend. But, the party was fun, wink.

Photo shoot for an upcoming issue of the Hollywood Reporter

On Monday, my day started with a half day photo shoot in downtown LA. It was for an upcoming Emmy issue, so I was pretty much in the company of greatness (look closely, I’m sure you’ll recognize these talented actresses). The shoot took place at the top of the restaurant Perch (I plan to go back for their jazz brunch and so should you!) and the view was AH-mazing. I even said to my client…”wow, we’re lucky this is our job today!” I assure you, not every week begins like this…

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas with Musical Guest Kiss

During the season of “Dancing with the Stars,” I have to attend each show because there is a press line after each one. I’m sure by now your eyes are rolling, but I promise after three months of every Monday and Tuesday night, it starts to get a tiny bit exhausting. You’d think that I would at least get to watch the show from a prime seat, but no, it’s actually a very tiny cramped room with about 50 other people backstage on tiny televisions—it’s hardly the lap of luxury. Don’t tell, but occasionally if my client dances early in the show, I’ll sneak off with another publicist for a happy hour drink for the last hour (bad publicist!). Go #TeamKMark !  This isn’t actually from last Tuesday because last Tuesday I had…

The cast of “The Killing” and the creator Veena Sud

“The Killing” screening at The Academy. So, one of my colleagues covered ‘Dancing’ for me, while I met another client here. Academy screenings are for Academy members to view an episode and then have a Q&A panel with the cast (and then hopefully decide to nominate the actors for an Emmy!). I decided to sit outside during the screening and only watch the panel. Watching the panel is the fun part of my job. I don’t love what comes after…

I basically stand around for what feels like hours holding my client’s handbag while she mingles and receives praise from attendees. It’s just not fun. And, my feet hurt. Oh and I didn’t get home until almost 11pm. But, a big part of my job is making sure my client feels comfortable and at her best, so it makes me happy to know I am there for her.

I did, however, get a reserved seat on the back row with my name on it. Oh, the glamour!

The next day, I went with a client to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Talk shows are, surprise!…not very stressful and one of the best aspects of the job. I met my client there (rule numero uno—always get there before the client arrives!) and just made sure everything went smoothly. The taping ended at about 6pm and was on the same lot as “Dancing,” so I high-tailed it over to the other stage to finish watching the show and do the press line. Despite lots of nerves, we made it through to the semi finals. Whew! Two more weeks to go…

It seems like every week lately I’ve had a client on Extra, which tapes at The Grove. Part of the fun is that your client gets to dodge TMZ, paparazzi and tons of fans wanting autographs to take center stage in the middle of all the shopping. What’s hard about that? Well, thanks for asking! What’s hard is not going to all these fun places, but rather that my number one job is actually GETTING PRESS FOR MY CLIENTS. How do you do that you ask? Well, it’s not by being out of the office all day at talk shows! I actually have to sit at my computer and type out creative pitches to bookers, producers and editors. When do you do that when it seems like you always have to be in 5 million places at once running all over town in LA traffic, making sure to get everywhere ahead of your client with a smile on your face and a carefree attitude. Another great question. My answer?  Exactly.

Wardrobe for the InStyle shoot

Yay for Friday! My favorite day of the week. Like most, I usually try to take it easier on Fridays. But, this Friday I had a fashion shoot at the legendary Chateau Marmont for InStyle magazine. Oh the clothes! Gucci! Prada! Oscar de la Renta! Clap, clap, clap!  It would have been heaven had it not also been Upfronts, the big network presentation where the major broadcast television networks announce their fall primetime shows. Lots of my clients were awaiting news to see if they still had a job. Needless to say, I couldn’t be away from my phone/email for more than a few seconds all day. Everyone was a bundle of nerves, including me.

And my body decided to rebel against that stress and those nerves and gave me a severe 10 day (yes, 10 day!) migraine that would not quit. After lots o’ doctors, physical therapy and drugs, I’m happy to report that acupuncture made all the difference. Tomorrow is Monday again. Are you ready?? I say, Bring. It. On.

PS. Most mornings, I look at this little guy and think…can we trade lives for a day? Meet Bailey, king of my household. Can you blame me?

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13 thoughts on “What the &%$! Do You Do All Day?”

  1. Molly, thanks for that. Art and I know more about you now!! Sounds like a very stressful job to me, but you seem to be very suited to handle and enjoy it. Love, Sandy

  2. How interesting and rewarding. However, I’m exhausted just reading about it. No wonder you don’t have time to just “chat”!!!!!!

  3. Wow, this is a great recap, Molly! Love seeing the ‘day in the life’ of what you do – hard to imagine, really. But this helps!

  4. Why do I feel exhausted?! Whew, I’ll never wonder again why you didn’t return my phone call. 🙂

  5. Are there any OLD publicists?!!! I would think you’d need a second less demanding career after about 40!….or early retirement 🙂

  6. Camille Bennett

    You truly are SuperWoman! Even with your honest recap I know it’s much more stressful and exhausting that you let on. I also don’t know how you manage to get cross town in traffic! You are wonderful at what you do and your clients are lucky to have you!

  7. Sandra Zaninovich

    Have I mentioned before how ridiculously lovely and photogenic you are?! Very helpful when one must post pix of one’s self. As far as I’m concerned you are lovelier than most of your clients and they’re the ones who should be carrying YOUR bag!!

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  9. It has honestly saved my life! The key is to do it regularly even when you don’t have a headache. I promise, SO worth it!!!

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