The Joule of Dallas

Last week, I traveled to Dallas for a very lucky two days of part work, part pleasure. It just so happened that my long time clients Chris and Heidi Powell were speaking at an event orchestrated by one of my very nearest and dearest, so I decided to tag along. You may know Chris and Heidi as the transformation specialists from “Extreme Weight Loss” on ABC, and they have just developed a digital platform called Transform with Chris and Heidi, making it possible for everyone to have access to their programs at the touch of a button. So while I was really in Dallas for the topic of transformation, I blocked out a morning to visit a revitalized 1920s neo-Gothic landmark building transformed (see what I did there?) into an art-centric luxury boutique hotel with a rooftop infinity pool and a world-class spa. Welcome to  The Joule Dallas.

*TYL Reports*

If you don’t want to spend the night: Book a day at the spa. I was so sad I didn’t. Much like The Corinthia Spa (my favorite), they focus on geothermal heat experiences (heated vitality pool, ice fountain).

View from the top: The rooftop infinity pool is incredible. Just know it is for hotel guests only. I had to ask a bellman to escort me up so I could take a photo.

Where to get a cocktail: Midnight Rambler is the hotel’s subterranean ultra-cool craft cocktail “salon.” Yes, bartender, I’d like another.

What did you bring me?: The gorgeous Tachen Library inside the hotel has something for everyone. And yes, they ship.

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