Travel Notes: New York City

You would think by now with all my traveling that I would have it down to a science, with some super organized check list of everything I need to pack. But, nope. Without fail, I always manage to get about a mile from home on the way to the airport when it dawns on me what I forgot. This time, it was my camera. I mean, what is this, amateur hour?! So needless to say, my photos of New York City are not all that I hoped—aside from our hotel, thanks to my sister-in-law who came with her huge professional camera that was too heavy for me to lug around the city—but there were still things worth sharing. Onward!

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11 Howard – you can read the full review here.



Strolling around Soho—my hood for the week. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Uggs (currently on sale!) in NYC in December. My feet are the only part that managed to stay warm.


Winter Village at Bryant Park is located at the New York City Public Library. So festive and the library is spectacular!


New York.jpg-5-2
New York.jpg-4-2

I usually don’t get to spend much time in the charming West Village, so we decided to make a morning of it—specifically to see…

New York.jpg-5

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment! My excitement was quickly extinguished when the current resident came barging outside yelling at the few of us taking photos! I mean, I get it. It has to be annoying to constantly have tourists taking photos of your home, but you would think he would have taken that in to consideration before buying a landmark!

Meatball shop.jpg-1
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The Meatball Shop – We stumbled upon this as we were walking to see Carrie’s house. In LA, there are so many trendy places dedicated to one speciality – there’s been yogurt, cupcakes, now it’s poki. I’d trade all of them for these meatballs any day. You choose what type of ball you want (they even have veggie), what kind of sauce, and then add your sides. INSANE.

The Spotted Pig – For YEARS I have wanted to go, and we finally made the time. They do not take a reservation, so got there early at around 6pm and didn’t have to wait at all. It was cozy, the service was excellent, and the food was as good as I had hoped.

The Fat Radish – My friend Jenn bought me the cookbook last year, so of course I wanted to try the restaurant. The mushroom crostini is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. So were the donuts. Loved the cocktails and cozy atmosphere.

Smile To Go – Located across the street from the 11 Howard, this is a great place to take out sandwiches (they have just a few seats to eat inside)—it’s the take out version of The Smile cafe located on Bond Street. A great way to refuel after shopping in Soho.

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