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I’ve been in my new office two weeks, and though we have beautiful new floors, freshly painted walls, and a third floor view of Hancock Park, the all white everything is starting to channel asylum chic. We took advantage of the recent West Elm sale, and purchased new desks and a really cool console table—again, all white. I’ve sort of maxed out what I want to spend this first month, so I decided the best way to add some color to the place is by starting with the walls. Though of course I have fantasies of hiring my friend Ann, an avid art collector, to help me start a real collection, everything else in life always takes a priority (like my mortgage). Until then, here are a few of my favorite ways to deck the walls on a budget, without sacrificing style.

*Opening photo is of a Minted for West Elm print in my home foyer.


I am obsessed with Artifact Uprising.The quality of their printing is exceptional, and makes your every day photos art-worthy. From their photo books, to their large art prints, I cannot recommend them more highly.

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