How to Master the Los Angeles Flower Market

9 Tips for Mastering the Los Angeles Flower Market

Hands down, the best way to save money on flowers for your home, wedding, or party is to do like the pros do, and go directly to the source—the Flower Market in downtown Los Angeles. I went last weekend to gather up ferns for our Lovely Dinner, and thought I would share a few of my favorite tips and tricks for making your experience seamless, even if you are a first-timer. And obviously, I included the most important part: where to eat when you’ve finished shopping!


Tip #1: Get there early. The Market opens to the public at 6am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; 8am Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If you wait until 9am, a lot of the high-end flowers like my favorite garden roses from G.M. Floral will be gone. I have lucked out on occasion and gotten to pick flowers from the back that have already been packed up, so if you don’t see what you want, ask! G.M. Floral is the only vendor I have found to have the really high-end roses.


Tip #2: Always buy the ranunculus if they are in season. These gorgeous flowers are very expensive even at the mart—$12 for this small bundle— but if you buy them from a florist, you’ll pay at least double.



Tip #3:  The Flower Market also carries a variety of stems such as ferns, banana leaves, cotton, you name it! They also have great household plants and a million varieties of succulents.




Tip #4: Bring cash, and remember that each area is a separate vendor. You must pay for your flowers at every shop or you will receive a not-so-subtle schooling.





Tip #5: There are shops at the Los Angeles Flower Market that carry various vases and vessels, but if you’re looking for bud vases, head out a couple doors down from the main entrance to BNB Floral Supplies. It helps to have a friend or partner to help carry all the goods!


Tip #6: After you have rounded up your bundles, drive a short distance to Grand Central Market, which opens at 8:00am.


Tip #7: While one of you waits in line at EggSlut (there will no doubt be a line, even if you are there before it opens!)…


Tip #8: The other grabs coffees at G & B Coffee, the sister coffee shop to my neighborhood favorite, Go Get Em Tiger. Order whatever you fancy, but make sure to get it with their homemade almond milk.







Tip #9: Savor every bite, you’ve earned it!

Photos by Anneke Schoneveld

The Los Angeles Flower Market.  754 Wall St.  Los Angeles, CA.  90014 

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