Moving at a Glacial Pace

A Look Inside Glacier National Park

While in Montana, we spent one full day in Glacier National Park, about two hours from our dude ranch homebase at  Flathead Lake Lodge. It’s one of those natural wonders that you really just have to see in person, as no camera can capture the sheer magnitude.   It feels other worldly, with its water that sparkles fluorescent green, like a grotto in some far-off land, and its enormous glacier-carved peaks, and vistas that drop down so far that I could barely breathe. There is only a very short wall that stands between you, and well…death. Take note that Glacier National Park reopened on June 8th with the following COVID-19 guidelines. Food service will be limited, so I recommend that you bring your own picnic.

What I learned is that it’s not called Glacier National Park because it’s full of glaciers—there is actually only one left thanks to global warming—but rather because it was formed by glaciers.  But you should absolutely dress as if you were going to the arctic; it was freezing in August! Most of the trails were closed due to bear activity—we even saw a grizzly!—but, the park itself is so enormous that you can actually spend several days inside the park with plenty to see and do. Or, if you’re like me, you can get the gist in about two hours!  Scroll down for scenes from our day.

Glacier National Park-33

View from the car. Don’t look down!

Glacier National Park-29

Glacier National Park-9

Glacier National Park-1-2

Glacier National Park-6

Glacier National Park-50

Glacier National Park-44

Glacier National Park-45

Glacier National Park-21

Glacier National Park-55

Glacier National Park-35

Happy Centennial to The National Park Service, who turned 100 on August 25th this year! They are encouraging America to #findyourpark and discover the parks & programs in your backyard and beyond. Now get to exploring!

3 thoughts on “Moving at a Glacial Pace”

  1. Boy, they don’t call it big sky country for nothing do they. Beautiful scenery. Glad you had this opportunity.

  2. Sandra Zaninovich

    These are the places that always have my heart! Breathtaking! Eyes popping out of head even with just these pix, I can’t even imagine how it must be in real life. I too wouldn’t be able to breathe. Pea-green with envy that you got to experience this. And thank you for sharing with us who don’t get the privilege!

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