The Coolest Hotel In San Francisco

Looking for the coolest hotel in San Francisco? Look no further than The Battery, a private club with a boutique hotel on the top floors.

The Battery Hotel San Francisco

First and foremost, The Battery is a private club, a fact I quickly learned last week when I strutted in like I owned the place, camera in tow, ready to bring you on an exclusive tour of an art-centric luxury, boutique hotel. I did not hide my embarrassment when I was quickly corrected by reception, though surprisingly minus the attitude of other private (and more ahem British) establishments, and thankfully wasn’t made to feel worse than I already did. And I somehow talked my way into a private tour of the hotel floor—arguably the coolest hotel in San Francisco.

You’re welcome.

Battery San Francisco-3

The Battery hotel boasts exceptionally curated design by the ultra-fabulous Ken Fulk, my fantasy BFF, known for designing some of the hottest restaurants/hotels and for throwing some of the most lavish soirees to the city’s most discerning taste.

Battery San Francisco-2

That is one sexy bar, no? I’ll have a martini. Dirty, very dirty.

Battery San Francisco-9

There are several dining options and multiple bars, and hotel guests are more than welcome. It is also home to a revolving art exhibition, with special previews, Q&As, and showcases—all at forefront of the social calendar.

Battery San Francisco-7

Battery San Francisco-5

Battery San Francisco-8

Battery San Francisco-10

Wanna place bets on how long it takes me to paint one of my rooms a glossy green after seeing this photo. I want to just sit in here a while and soak up its sheer essence.

Battery San Francisco-4

Though The Battery hotel is private, they do have a 14-suite hotel that occupies the fourth floor and is open to the public, and as far as boutique hotels go in San Francisco, this is one of the best. All hotel guests are considered Resident Members and have access to the club facilities during their stay. Need I tell you there is a year waiting list to become an actual member?

Battery San Francisco-6

There are several room options, all gorgeous in their own right.  This is the room I got to see in person. It was spacious and luxurious, and they had to pretty much drag me kicking and screaming back to the hotel my husband’s work put us up in for his conference. (Nothing is free, I tell you. Even when you aren’t paying, YOU PAY!)

Battery San Francisco Bath

My idea of a happy ending.

John Bedell Photography

Cozy, sophisticated, chic. All in one.

Battery San Francisco-12

But I know you, darling. You want the penthouse suite and a cocktail waiting on its rooftop terrace.

Battery San Francisco-14

Followed by a massage and dip in a hot bath at the spa.

San Francisco-3

Like you, I’m pretty easy to please.

Photos courtesy of The Battery/John Bedell Photography

The Battery.  717 Battery Street.  San Francisco, CA .  415-230-8000

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  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    The Bay Area is to LA as Princess Kate is to the Kardashians: effortlessly stylish, hip and cool as opposed to desperately trying. Can you tell I left my heart….

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