The Butcher’s Daughter

I recently joined my friend Ashley for lunch at the newly-opened New York transplant The Butcher’s Daughter, which seems more appropriate in its Abbot Kinney home, despite being a cult favorite on the other coast. It’s a juice bar, vegetarian cafe, where you can feel just as comfortable ordering a latte to go or cozying in for a little apperitivo and dynamite spicy kale salad.

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Part of the experience is their well-curated marketplace, where you can buy candles, pottery and other beautiful things for the home. Shopping is my own “spiritual kindling” (wink).

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Personally, I would like to order this wine by the case: Slutty Red & Sassy White.

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We prepped our palettes with this gorgeous Amaro from Cappelletti, a fusion of citrus and herbs that made me yearn for Italy and start the trend of appertivos at lunch on Fridays.

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If you know me at all, you know kale salad is never going to be my first choice. It’s just not my comfort food. But THIS kale salad? That’s another story. It had a hint of spice and more than a hint of crunch that put this on another level.

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And the spicy “sausage” pizza was pretty spectacular, especially considering the sausage wasn’t real meat.

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Speaking of spectacular, the actual space is an Instagrammer’s paradise. The owner is a husband and wife team that have a love of design and clearly have an eye for mixing patterns and whimsical details.

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A little insider’s secret, I hear they have plans to expand the market and make that space separate from the restaurant.

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Not gonna lie. This Eastsider came down with a pretty severe case of Westside envy on this little jaunt to Venice. Can you blame me?

The Butcher’s Daughter.  1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd.  Venice, CA 90291. 310-981-3004

3 thoughts on “The Butcher’s Daughter”

  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    I was filled with trepidation when I saw the name of the restaurant and steeled myself before reading on, but then what a marvelous surprise! This place looks wonderful and delicious, and of course the way you describe it makes it sound all the more mouth-watering. Am most def putting this on my list.

  2. Sandra Zaninovich

    I know!!!! A customer of mine just posted it on her IG today too. Will have to check it out asap, sadly without you two :-((. But thanks for writing about it because with a name like that I never would have had any interest!

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