Travel Notes: Seattle

Seattle rescued me this October from a neverending, scorching hot summer in L.A. I got leaves! I got to wear sweaters and boots!  The food is outstanding and charm oozes from every nook and cranny – from the boutiques to the bookstores to the bars. It is absolutely stunning in the fall and the perfect place to go for a weekend getaway. Here are a few of my favorite places…

Seattle Travel Notes


Fairmont Seattle – The hotel itself is in need of a revamp, but I was told that the rooms are getting a full makeover very soon. The bed, however, was worth writing home about and also worth buying once I got home (I got the down pillow). Click here for the best night sleep ever>.

Alexis – We stayed here on our last trip and loved it. I prefer the decor here to the Fairmont, but our room was much smaller. You can read more about our hotel stay here>.






Manolin – Listed as one of the Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appetit, this was my favorite restaurant we visited. You can read my full review here >.

Rockcreek – As a Southern girl, I was in absolute heaven. The menu is full of comfort food like the caramelized apple & ricotta beignets w/vanilla bean caramel anglaise followed by the buttermilk biscuits with low country sausage gravy w/scrambled eggs.

Bar Ferd’nand – Housed in the adorable Melrose Market, this is the perfect little spot for a glass of wine in the afternoon. They are also located next to a cheese shop, which need I say more?

Sitka & Spruce – We went here when it first opened and it has since moved and expanded. Though we didn’t have time to eat here this trip, I would still recommend you put it on your list.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room – As a pretty big coffee snob, I’m not one to frequent Starbucks, but this tasting room is unlike anything I’ve seen in the world of coffee.

The Upstairs – This is a speakeasy style bar with fabulous cocktails. I happened to run into my childhood friend and we met up with her here. It proved to be a great place for a catch up before dinner at Shiro’s Sushi just down the street.

Shiro’s Sushi – This is a VERY popular place and we waited about an hour and a half. I was about to lose my mind right before we were seated at the bar. It was opened by Master sushi chef Shiro Kashiba, who apprenticed for Jiro Ono of “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” fame. He recently handed over the reins to start anther project, but it is still extremely popular. It was great, but I would have eaten most anything put in front of me by the time we were seated. Highly recommend a reservation!

Starbucks Roasting Room





Book Larder – This place is heaven. It’s a bookstore of only cookbooks! Both new and vintage. They even have cooking classes and speakers. It’s located in Fremont, where most of the below shops are as well. It was one of my favorite neighborhoods to walk around.

Theo Chocolate Factory – I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I bought a LOT of chocolate to give as gifts and when I came home, I found the exact same chocolate at my local Whole Foods. Is nothing sacred?? Nevertheless, it’s still delicious.

Essenza – I could have spent hours in this little shop. They have the most beautiful little gifts and delicious smelling perfumes and bath goodies. I came away with a bracelet for a friend and some turkish hand towels for myself.

Liten – next door is the sister store to Essenza and has beautiful handmade pottery. I came away with a Christmas gift…who’s the lucky person??

Watson Kennedy – This was on my last Seattle guide and it now has two locations and is even better than before. It has home goods that range from antiques to candles to cookbooks to dishware. It’s one of my favorite gift shops anywhere.







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  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    It doesn’t matter that the chocolate is available at WF, it means so much more that you actually got it in charming lovely Seattle and brought it straight from there. Just like the heavenly chocolates you brought Karen and me from London, they might be available to purchase online or maybe even some high-end retailer, but the fact that you schlepped them from London means the world. I still have the (emptied-with-alacrity) box, and treasure it. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures with us! I devour every word as if it were an Edelweiss chocolate (my personal favorite!).

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