Sunday, Cozy Sunday

*Update – Cooks County has relaunched as Market Provisions. It still has the same owner, same vibe, same incredible happy hour, but there is a new chef. We had dinner tonight and found the food to be even better than before! Still highly recommend!

LA  has a very Nancy Meyers movie vibe to it when it rains. Or at least that’s how it goes in my head.  We have had a hotter fall than I can ever remember, so last Sunday’s cooler, wetter weather felt like such a nice change of mood.  I was way overdue for a catch up sesh with my friend Ragan, so we agreed to meet for brunch at a local favorite of ours…Cooks County.

Cooks County_-3

You won’t find this on any “hot list,” which I kind of love. But, it totally should be. And, I’d kind of rather keep that secret between us. It’s not that locals don’t know about it, but for some reason it tends to fly under the radar…meaning you can just show up and get a table without a wait or reservation (though they do take them if you want to plan ahead). *A little note, we got here before they even opened, which is why it looks empty, but it didn’t stay that way long.

Cooks County_-4

In addition to their incredible brunch, they also have one of the best happy hours in town. The Mister and I like to come for dinner on Wednesday nights, when happy hour lasts all night.

Cooks County_

Think of it as a little midweek date night, where you can sit at the bar, talk about your day, while something moody like London Grammar plays ever so coolly in the background.

Cooks County_-2

Crooks County Molly3

But, as I was saying, we were here for brunch and though their seasonal, locally sourced menu changes frequently, I am obsessed with all of their egg dishes. Mainly because usually at least one is served with an amazing creme fraiche sauce. And, also, how DO they get those fried eggs to be so puffy and amazing??

Cooks County_-9

Ragan opted for the kale salad. (I prayed she would get the Orange Blossom Brioche French Toast so I could have a bite, but such is life.)

Cooks County_-10

Crooks County Molly4

I love that in a city where the food scene is ever changing and INCREDIBLY difficult to keep up with (am I the only one who has found it overwhelming lately?), I know that my local favorite is just down the street, all cozy and waiting.  What are your favorite local LA spots?? Let me know in the comments x

Photos by Ragan Brooks

Cooks County.  8009 Beverly Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90048. 323-653-8009

2 thoughts on “Sunday, Cozy Sunday”

  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    That looks so cozy and yummy indeed! Although I’m never up early enough for brunch (as you know all too well!) I love Huckleberry for a similar cozy neighborhood vibe, although like my other neighborhood favorite Gjelina, since it was discovered by Goop it’s not quite as cozy :-(. Still, if you go during off hours they can still seem like your own undiscovered gems (I’m good at self-deception). Another favorite which looks like a dive in a strip mall is Vegan Glory, where they have a very comprehensive and scrumptious menu, emphasis on Thai cooking. Every time I go there I see some celeb or the other, including Lily Collins and Ruby Rose. Thanks for this, look forward to checking it out. The place that’s becoming my new favorite in general, though, is Sage Bistro in Culver City, also vegan but in my opinion much better than Gratitude with a bigger and more varied menu. Beautiful space as well, with a great outdoor courtyard filled with trees and greenery. I know it’s out of your hood, but if you find yourself nearby I know you’d love it.

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