On Paris Time: Dinner at Hotel Bachaumont

Hotel Bachaumont

Our last night in Paris came fast and unapologetically, as the end to vacations usually do. Our new friend Nic arranged for us to have dinner at The Bachaumont, a stunning boutique hotel that could not have been a more perfect send off. It also happens to be the sister restaurant to the place where we ate the best steaks of our life at midnight the night before. But, let me back up.

Paris balcony (1 of 1)

After our Champagne tour ended the day before, our sommelier Nic, invited us back to his place for insane views, incredible wine and for dinner at the restaurant where he is the wine buyer—The Beef Club. We were exhausted, but there was no hesitation…we were going to muster up the energy to get a local experience.

beef club (1 of 7)

And it completely made our trip to Paris. Laugh all you want at the name, but when it comes to steaks, The Beef Club is not playing around. This is one of my top restaurant recommendations in the city.

Molly The Bachaumont

Back at the Hotel Bachaumont, we were seated at the best table in the house (thanks, Nic) and I couldn’t help but notice the long taper candle that was lit to set the mood (but also a subtle reminder that the end was in sight).


The menu was perfection,  like this salad de tomatoes & cerises (tomato & cherries), though not to be outdone by the decor.

bachaumont inside (1 of 1)

 In between courses, I gave myself a little tour of the place.

Dave (1 of 1)

While my date waited patiently.


thru the door

decor (1 of 1)

hall (1 of 1)

I almost asked to see a room, but I had a feeling dinner was waiting. Based on our experience at the restaurant and the gorgeous decor, I would recommend this as a place to stay room unseen. If you go, let me know how it is!

beurre blanc (1 of 1)

We ordered a few starters all of which we loved and I couldn’t resist the fish in beurre blanc (can you blame me?).


The rain came down, making the pavement glisten while we soaked up the last little bit of the evening.

The Bachaumont Hotel (22 of 26)

We were finally on Paris time, and it was time to say au revior.

cote rotie (1 of 1)

We replayed our week, agreeing that the people we met really made our time here unforgettable. There is something special about meeting people when you’re traveling. Certain moments I just want to bottle up and relive over and over.  Like the night before when Nic surprised us by opening a bottle of 1985 Côte Rôtie he had been saving for the right time.  He honestly changed my view of wine and the representation of time and place in a bottle. There was no way for my unrefined palette to describe what I tasted, as it was unlike anything I’d ever had before. The wine, much like that night, could never be replicated, but it will certainly live on as I think back to that one night at midnight in Paris.

Hotel Bachaumont. 18 rue Bachaumont, 75002. Paris, France. +33 1 81 66 47 00

5 thoughts on “On Paris Time: Dinner at Hotel Bachaumont”

  1. Aren’t we fortunate to be blessed with so many happy memories! And, you’re right. Experiences can’t be totally replicated, but they can live on in our hearts and minds!

  2. Wow, it’s 5:30 pm and you’ve got me hungry. I wonder if I wait until midnight and go to the Honeymonk if my fairy godmother could possibly replicate your night in Paris. No? I didn’t think so either. I’m am so glad you are able to experience these things, even more than if I did. Viva la France.

  3. Sandra Zaninovich

    Like I told you already, there’s nothing like “mingling with the locals.” It truly does not just make the trip, but establishes a connection with a beloved place that is invaluable. Thank you for all these amazing stories, so we can all live vicariously through your truly wonderful life.

  4. Here I am setting at Burger King in the car with rain pouring down and others live like that! ????I guess some have it and some don’t. Lol. She is so pretty and will always be in the limelight. Live it up Molly! Dad is so proud of you.

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