New Orleans in Color!

I just got back from a very girlie trip to New Orleans with two of my besties from way back in the day. You may remember our little jaunt to Napa a while ago, and we were much overdue for a few days of the most delicious debauchery.

The first morning, we woke up to a very gray and rainy day, so we had no choice but to spend three hours catching up over breakfast at our hotel (the Windsor Court if you must know), downing about ten cups of coffee and laughing until our cheeks hurt. These two are absolute medicine for my soul and honestly we could have been anywhere and had just as much fun.

Once the rain had slowed to a manageable drizzle, we took ourselves on a little walking tour through the French Quarter and as you can see, the entire city is a giant rainbow of color, painting every door and shutter in the most vibrant of shades. I took some photos so you could come along for the ride, but I promise more on the food (the FOOD!) a little later…

Molly & Christine

masks 2


purple and yellow

peach and purple



green 2


yellow and blue

blue shutters 2


musicians and art

black and white

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