London in January: Part Three

A Girl’s Guide to Surviving a Solo Trip to London in January Part Three

I don’t know what it is about the weather when I’m in London—even when I’m in London in January!  It’s become sort of a joke that every time I’m there the sun shines like it’s a sign from God that I’m supposed to be there. Although, why do we see the signs we want to see and ignore those blazing red flags?!

This particular day, I decided it was time to sight-see something other than the beauty department of Selfridges (which by the way is INSANE), so I made my way to the one landmark I had yet to visit on any trip to London…The London Eye.

I appreciated it from the ground only and appreciated even more the stunning view of Big Ben from across the bridge.

There was something about the sky that day. The sun kept trying to force its way through the clouds and every few minutes it would illuminate the red buses as they paraded across the green bridge.

Deciding that nobody would believe I was actually in London, I asked a stranger with an American accent to take a photo of me as proof. I envisioned the London Eye perfectly framed as I jumped in the air throwing confetti, but this is what I got.

I was only a few blocks from the Somerset House, so I did what anybody would do when they have 12 hours to kill. I decided to expand my fashion exhibit repertoire and learn about Isabella Blow.

She was largely responsible for Alexander McQueen’s career and the muse of famed hat designer Philip Treacy. I was so fortunate to have seen the Savage Beauty exhibit in New York a few years back, which was the most moving homage to an artist I’ve ever seen. Because of Isabella’s relationship with McQueen, and the fact that she too took her own life three years before he did, gave this exhibit an emotional heaviness I wasn’t expecting. I was completely enthralled by this eccentric woman and sad that so many of our great talents are so tortured. If you have a chance to see this, it’s well worth it.

The Flask
That night, I was so excited to meet a new friend that I had actually only corresponded with over Twitter! She and her husband own a bridal accessories company called Olivier Laudus that honestly made me want to have another wedding just so I could be draped in beautiful baubles.

Sangeeta invited me up for dinner in Highgate, a beautiful (and quite expensive) neighborhood in North London. After non-stop chatter over dinner, we decided it was fate that we met and extended our evening at The Flask, a pub which dates back to 1663!

Her husband Olivier met us for a pint, and it was here that I realized over drinks with two strangers, this is why you travel. For the unexpected adventures. For the people you never would have met. For the faith you have to have that everything will be ok and for right now, this minute…

Life is as it should be.


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