Lighting Up Rodeo Drive

Last Sunday night, on a last minute whim, we decided to put on our holiday sweaters and watch as Beverly Hills lit up Rodeo Drive. Via Rodeo is beautiful on any given day, but it is spectacular with Christmas lights.
2 Rodeo

Ice Sculpture
The crowds were rather fierce, so we had to strain our necks over the kids on shoulders to see these crazy guys sculpt ice with chainsaws to (what else?) ‘Ice, Ice Baby.’

We made our way over to this big guy in the red suit and I whispered over the rope that I’ve only been a liiiitle bit naughty….

Rodeo Tree

Confetti Rodeo
Thinking we might have outgrown the wonderment of such a celebration, it started to “snow” in a HUGE downpour of white confetti and we couldn’t help but act like little kids.




Molly dear
Oh, deer (sorry, I had to).

Via Rodeo

Molly and Dave tree
Awww…if only we hadn’t already printed our Christmas card.

Santa Sleigh

This time of year is such a whirlwind, but I love every minute of it. As always, we will be in North Carolina and then New York City. Hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

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