Alone in London (This Could Be Trouble)

I just barely made it back to LA after extending my London trip by a day. And then another day. I almost stayed forever. Almost…

Though I won’t lie, I had to slum it over at The Kensington for my last night. This was the view from my room. I know….the horror. So what’s a girl to do in London all by herself?

Queens Gate

With a spring in my step, I started to walk…


Wandering through the beautiful neighborhoods…


Taking in all the enviable townhomes and darling little shops.

Ottolenghi Sign

I got takeaway at Ottolenghi (I have his cookbook Plenty, which is one of my favorites) and ate in Hyde Park.


The food here is unbelievable! I highly recommend you try making the Aubergine with Buttermilk Sauce at home, though what was served in the restaurant had a little twist that isn’t in his cookbook. Sneaky…I’m on to you, chef!

Ottolenghi Dessert

It was really hard resisting these desserts.


But, I wanted to make room for tea and macaroons at Ladurée. I didn’t even care that it’s touristy. It’s still scrumptous and the most delightful little place to people watch.

David Bowie

I decided to try my luck at getting in the David Bowie exhibit at the Victoria & Albert museum. There was barely any line and it was only 15 minutes before the next tour began. I couldn’t believe it!

David Bowie Sold Out

When I got up to the counter, the girl slapped this in my face. I tried name dropping, yelling and sobbing hysterically, but she wasn’t buying it.

Hampstead Heath

In the evening, a new friend invited me to extraordinarily posh Hampstead for an experience I would have never had without being with a local.

Hampstead Heath Park

It was another glorious evening and we strolled through The Heath…

Parliament Hill London

At the top was Parliament Hill, known for some of the best views of London….

The Bull and Last Pub

Before I knew it, we had reached The Bull and Last pub, which he assured me had the best fish & chips in London. While I’m no expert, they were damn good. But, I really can’t stop thinking about the English pea salad with pea fritters I got as a starter—healthy with a bit of ooey gooey naughtiness…it was insanely good. And then we split dessert—a blueberry cheesecake ice cream sundae.

Not a bad day for a girl all alone in a big city.

4 thoughts on “Alone in London (This Could Be Trouble)”

  1. Lucky girl!! I’ll be alone in London myself next month so thanks for the tips (I will not be foregoing those desserts). Hampstead (and its lovely heath) has been my favorite part of London ever since I fell in love with “The Woman in White” in high school. It’s sort of like the Ile St. Louis in Paris, so charming with the loveliest homes, removed from yet still part of the city. Can’t wait to see you to get more details about everything and everyone (i.e., Brangelina! Like I said, lucky girl! Or, rather, lucky, LUCKY girl). At least the rest of us get to live vicariously thanks to this great blog.

  2. I can’t believe we just walked in and looked the first time! Who knew tasting was believing.

  3. I so do miss your foodie expertise. I heard you and Braxton enjoyed a nice meal together at Pizzeria Mozza. I must admit I was totally jealous when he told me. I hope you and I get a chance to have a culinary moment soon. xoxo fletcher

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