Rome, The Next Stop on Your Hollywood Tour

Fine, I’ll say it. I don’t love Rome. After two visits, I can now safely say it’s affirmative. I’m pausing so you can all shout at me.  Apparently you either love it or you hate it, but I’ve found that everyone has a strong opinion. Our experience was that of a huge tourist trap despite my valiant effort not to fall victim. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m super grateful that I went. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world and I think it’s important to see it. And while I’m also sure there are charming areas, we only had three days, so that meant visiting all the historical sites. Which dare I say reminded me… exactly of Hollywood Blvd.

*Disclaimer—This is meant to be a humorous account of our time spent in Rome. It’s not meant to bash one of the greatest cities in the world. We happened to be there over a holiday, so according to our hotel, there were more people than usual. That said, Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, so be prepared if you are going. And if you only take one piece of advice, let it be to buy all your tickets online to everything before you leave home. Oh, and have drinks at the Hotel Eden (but that’s a story coming soon). You can thank me later.

Hollywood Blvd

This is a photo I snapped last weekend on Hollywood Blvd at TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman’s). Notice Spiderman and the tourist with the hat and giant camera. Just want to give you a point of reference.

Trevi Fountain

This is Trevi Fountain. Are. you. kidding. me? And here I had visions of a romantic stroll, hand-in-hand with nobody around to watch us throw three coins in to ensure our return. (I kept my coins.)

Castel Sant'Angelo

This is the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo. See the men in costume…a common theme at every site.


This is the Vatican. We didn’t even go inside because the wait, as you can tell, was hours and hours long. Ok, so that was my fault. You can purchase tickets online, but I didn’t. We tried to sneak in and I don’t recommend it.

Spanish Steps 2

Underneath that sea of people are the Spanish Steps.

Spanish Steps

Our view from the bottom of the Spanish Steps.


And finally, perhaps the most recognized site in all the world…The Colosseum. We paid a little extra to cut the lines here. This photo doesn’t really capture the madness you’ll encounter if you just show up without tickets. Don’t. Do. It.

So while this city doesn’t feel like my city, that doesn’t mean it won’t feel like yours. Despite the long lines and the men dressed in costume outside every major site, Rome should still be on your bucket list. Have you been to Rome? Would love to hear your experience in the comments section!


5 thoughts on “Rome, The Next Stop on Your Hollywood Tour”

  1. This is so funny. Good writing. Sounds like Rome would be a neat place if all those tourist stayed home. You’re right it does look a lot like Hollywood Blvd. 🙂

  2. Totally Agree!! My next trip to Italy will NOT include Rome, and I’m Catholic! I loved Vatican City. We were lucky to visit and hear the Pope speak, which was awesome. But everything else was exhausting and didn’t resemble at all the rest of our glorious trek through Italy. There are so many wonderful places in Italy – none if which include Rome! Loved the piece!

  3. Haha! Glad I’m not alone :). From the sound of it, the four of us would have a grand ole time drinking vino in

  4. Molly, you did a great job of trying to be fair. I’ve got to tell you I did not like Rome the first time I went. Loved it the second time. Maybe that’s what it takes.

  5. Looks like Hvar :-). Definitely not visiting anytime soon now that I see this! I spent one day there in late 70s and was alone at all these places (except for Carmine Ferrara, who attached himself to me like a leech and wouldn’t let go. At least he had a cute convertible Alfa and drove me to every single spot I wanted to see, then took me to lunch at a still-unforgettable restaurant on the Via Appia and proposed a visit to a nearby hotel, which I politely declined. He then promptly called a taxi and shipped me back to the airport, which cost probably around $200 in today’s money. Of course I got stuck with that bill). But speaking of Castel Sant’ Angelo, do yourself a favor and go see Tosca at LA Opera this month and next. Amazingly beautiful and passionate story and music, set there.

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