Polo, A Game of Kings and Commoners

Last year, all of LA was abuzz for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal visit—which happened to include a day at the Santa Barbara Polo Club.  So when friends called with invites to the Bombardier Pacific Coast Open at same said Santa Barbara Polo Club for a little afternoon of high falutin’ fun, do you think I had to think about this for more than a half a second? No, I did not.

Before you get all eye-rolly on me, did you know that it is only $10 to go to a Polo match at the Santa Barbara Polo club? And only $20 to sit in the VIP tent. Despite being sponsored by Bombardier and Ferrari, I was shocked at how low key and unpretentious it was. It’s not expensive to watch polo; it’s expensive to play.

Any excuse to get my husband in smart clothes—an event in itself! He blows things up for a living (virtually, not literally) so a t-shirt and jeans is dressed up to him. I, on the other hand, need no excuse to shop for a new outfit.  And I shopped my way right into Top Shop and bought this dress. Where else would I wear peplum in laid back Southern California? On a side note, “Pretty Woman” was on TV the other night and the polka dot dress she wore to the polo match STILL holds up. Ah, a timeless classic. Anyhoo…

Apparently, our friends are HUGE Nespresso drinkers and were invited to be their VIP guests and hang in the Nespresso tent where we were showered in canapes and cocktails.

Jamie enjoying a Nespresso mojito. Jason looking dapper with his pocket square.

This was their wine/espresso pairing. I loved the Carr Pinot Gris paired with the Vollato Grand Cru. I’m more of a latte kind of gal, but I did quite enjoy the jolt I got from this little shot.

Once we were properly cocktailed, it was time for the first match to begin!

The Bombardier Pacific Coast Open is one of the oldest and most coveted polo trophies in the world. Kind of a big deal!

In between matches, I kicked off my heels to take part in the stomping of the divots tradition. Which makes you act crazy, apparently.

And dance.

Regardless, it was tons of fun.

The mallet, made of bamboo.

We even got to pet the horse.

Players bring as many as ten horses with them to a match. And these are thoroughbreds. Hence the cost.

After a few hours of sport and quite a few chukkers (see, I learned something), Jamie and I decided to get familiar with what exactly was happening on the field.

It was a spectacular day! Fit for a king. Or at the very least, two princesses and their merry men.

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. 3375 Foothill Road #1200. Carpinteria, CA 93013-3081

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  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    Wow! You guys are quite the toffs! I wouldn’t be surprised to see you hoisting your own mallet sometime in the near future. I’d love to see that!

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