This Ain’t No Ralph Lauren Ad

Or so my niece Jillian informed me when we went for an evening trot through the Stanly County countryside. Jillian’s husband and family own Stalling Stables back in my hometown, so I convinced her to take us for a ride when we were home last week.

I’m thinking I need a riding outfit. (Always look the part.)

The entrance to Stallings Stables

All the king’s horses

My niece Jillian and me before the ride.

This little baby was only a week old!

Urban Cowboy

We were literally just riding out in the country, through the woods like in the wild wild west (or so I imagined)

Night fell (apologies for the bad photos, but I only had my phone). Fireflies lit up the trail. And we trotted on.

By the time we arrived back at the stables, there was a full moon in the big Southern sky.

If you’ve never been horseback riding, it’s definitely a really fun adventure—whether out in the country like me or at a luxury dude ranch.

3 thoughts on “This Ain’t No Ralph Lauren Ad”

  1. Melissa Fonzino

    Molly, what gorgeous photos of you and Dave! I disagree…you guys look straight out of a RL ad xo

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