Southern Fried

I’m back home in Carolina this week. NORTH Carolina that is (yes, there is a difference). Go Tarheels! I get home a few times a year—usually when it’s sweltering hot and then again when it’s bitterly cold. The big NC is best visited in the spring or fall when we have glorious weather and you are either blessed with the blooms of azaleas or the crispness & colors of autumn (best experienced on the way to a college football game). Though I find myself here in the middle of July again, there are still many things I love and many reasons why I will always consider this home.

Movie Prices—I just paid $18.50 (for one ticket!) to see “Prometheus” in LA (they should have paid me). Needless to say, I like to jam as many movies in as I possibly can when I’m here.

Jay’s Seafood All You Can Eat Buffet for $10.00—Ok, so this isn’t something I would indulge in every day. Everything is fried. Except the tea. Which is sweet (is there any other kind?). I was a little skeptical, but had to admit…this is good eats!

Oh, they also had mac & cheese and deliciously Southern lima beans, for which I went back for seconds.

This family run “fish house” is way out in the country, so be sure to keep your eyes open for these guys. I had to get out of the car to snap a photo and when I did, they all came running over like they were my long lost friends.

Or, you might even see a mini horse (if goats aren’t your thing)

Pimento Cheese—This is a Southern delicacy if ever there was one. I’ve been getting Pimento Cheese from Conrad & Hinkle, a mom and pop shop in Lexington, since I was a little girl. It’s owned by friends of our family and there is none better in the world! By the way, Lexington is the BBQ capital of the world!! “The Monk” BBQ would for sure be on my list, but they are closed the week of the 4th (sad face).

But, I only do buffets and pimento cheese sandwhiches for so long before I crave something a little more sophisticated. The Green Valley Grill in Greensboro is one of my favorites.

This is their Parmesan Crusted Chicken, but I also highly recommend the Sweet Corn, Manchego and Spanish Rice Stuffed Eggplant. Located at the O’Henry hotel, it never disappoints! Tomorrow we are headed up to the mountains, so stay tuned for updates!

7 thoughts on “Southern Fried”

  1. I think I’m going to start traveling with you, Molly. You certainly know how to eat, drink, and all the places to be merry!!!

  2. I think the NC Tourism Board needs to hire you to do it’s PR. It should be less stressful since the truth is easier to write than fiction and the truth is: “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning”….at least a few times a year. Good piece Molly.

  3. Molly! how is it that you went to Jay’s seafood – but we can’t get you to come to Charlotte???? – if I take you to my favorite Charlotte spot, will you make time for me and Stink? Promise it would not disappoint….

  4. I realllllly wish I could but we are leaving for the mountains in the morning and then leave on Sunday morning. If I figure out a way, I promise I will let you know asap! If not, for SURE a rain check!

  5. Ahhhh the loveliness of home!! And oh jays seafood!!! Soooo good! For those who haven’t experienced the Monks BBQ – u are missin out! That alone is worth the trip to NC!

  6. Hey now, Jill and Mary can’t have all the Queen city dibs on Tom’s time. Get here girl! Mountains schmountains. Of course if we have to wait till the holidays to see you, at least then I’ll be able to enjoy vino again!!!!!! NC misses Molly!

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