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I just got back from a girl’s weekend to Napa (more on that to come), but we had a few hours to kill in San Francisco before our flight back to LA. We stumbled upon the wonderfully fabulous travel store Flight 001, while strolling along the streets of Hayes Valley. I’ve been on this website a few times, but it is so much fun to see all the clever travel gear in person. Here are a few of my favorite things from the store!

How cute is that blue suitcase!? It was what first caught my eye and made me want to run right inside. I did get a close up further down.

You can never have too many little zipper bags for a trip—epecially ones with these great sayings. I always carry at least three filled with cosmetics, nail polish, hair care etc,. I actually wondered on this last trip how I could possibly need so much stuff for two days. Well, as Cindy Crawford once said…”Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.”

I’ve been carrying the same black and white toile tote for about 12 years and I do still love it. But…it’s getting a little shoddy and I spied this great blue and white striped one on the shelf. Isn’t it fab?? Christopher Kon Tote $70 (Sadly this particular bag isn’t on their website, but I’m sure if you call, they would gladly ship it to you!) The only guide you’ll ever need. Or perhaps the only guide I will ever need. This will tell you a city’s must haves minus any tourist traps for your fabulous self—like having a private tour guide in your pocket. Luxe City Guides $9.99

I need this eye mask everyday! Hilarious!

This suitcase that captured my eye in the window. The color! The chicness! Hideo Jellybean Trolley (24″ $264, 18″ $185). And if blue isn’t your color, never fear…they have some of the best luggage I’ve ever seen. Take a gander here

Flight 001. 525 Hayes Street. San Francisco, CA. 415.487.1001 *More Locations

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  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    Ooh!! Aah!! I’ve been so turned off to travel lately, it’s become so much more of a nightmare than it used to be. But now suddenly I want to go….somewhere. But only if I can go with that blue suitcase :-).

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