Arsty Fartsys & The Brass Monkey

On Saturday evening, Blum & Poe contemporary art gallery had an opening reception for its latest exhibit, Victor Man: The White Shadow of His Talent. I’ve been to art exhibits…you know when a friend has their latest works on display in the local coffee shop etc. I’d never dared pretend I was part of THE art clique—sadly, I’m not that cool. But, when a friend mentioned this gallery was the best of the best in LA, I thought, why not?!  We stepped outside our comfort zone and away we went.

Now I’ll admit, I had visions of girls in all black passing around champagne on little silver trays while I wondered from room to room deep in thought about what I’m seeing, surrounded by super interesting people.

So, basically something out of a Jean-Philippe Delhomme illustration (photo above from ‘The Cultivated Life”)

Instead, this is what I got—a very intimidating guard watching our every move through very white and mostly empty space. Nobody served us champage. Come to think of it, nobody actually spoke to us. That must be part of the cool factor.

But, in all seriousness, the exhibit was a series of paintings and arrangements of images and objects. My husband noted Man’s bold choice exploring such dark contrast in the above paintings. (Yes! My thoughts exactly.)

The horse motif appears throughout, which I learned is “a metaphor for an extreme state of empathy, the medium to express deeper forms of non-verbal connection between human beings and the world.”

Upstairs displayed many rooms of his sketches, often magnifying very specific parts of the body. I think I may have quoted Love Actually at this point suppressing a giggle…”They’re not funny, they’re art.” Really, you can’t take us anywhere.

The Blum & Poe gallery really is a stunning space. Near the entrance, located in the back, stands a boulder on top of a mirrored column—pretty awe inspiring.

This enclosed garden is a little retreat that transports you from South La Cienega

Creating a sharp contrast of our own, we sang off our pretention at the legendary Brass Monkey karaoke lounge to celebrate my hubby’s birthday.  We’ve been coming here since we were mere kids looking for love in all the wrong places. I highly recommend it ;)!

Blum & Poe.  2727 S.  La Cienega Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA  310-836-2062

2 thoughts on “Arsty Fartsys & The Brass Monkey”

  1. Sandra Zaninovich

    Extreme coolness indeed :-). I feel cool just by reading about it and viewing the great pix! It’s a good thing you guys are so damn photogenic, you beautify these posts immensely.

  2. Speechless…..the medium I use to express my own forms of non-verbal communication. A post-afternoon visit to Señor Frog’s might serve as a nice contrast!

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