A Perfect Sunday

The weather in LA yesterday was spectacular, so we packed a little tote bag full of books, sketch pads and sunscreen and headed to my favorite place—Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. But, first we stopped for a little Jazz Brunch at RedWhite+Bluezz. This place is so much fun! I would definitely go back and try a Bloody Mary to go along with my biscuits and gravy.

 I’ve written about the gardens a lot, so I’ll spare you from the obvious, but everything is in full bloom now—the perfect time of year to go!

 The color of these irises were so vibrant!

 Lily pads at the North Vista


 Hydrangea delightfully hanging on a limb

The Japanese Garden just underwent a $6.8 million renovation and reopened on April 11th. It’s definitely one of the most serene spots on the grounds.

We were starving after walking all day at Huntington. Luckily, The Cheese Store of Pasadena was close by. They have all sorts of fun goodies, aside from the obvious…like Edmond Fallot Gourmet Mustard (I recently bought the Tarragon Dijon and loved it), olives, French lavender, truffle oil, etc. We took a few home with us and ended our day with cheese & wine.

Ossau Iraty and French Pyrenes—both Sheep’s Milk Cheeses, delicious!

Brebirousse D’Argental Sheep’s Milk Cheese, so ooey gooey fantastic!

My only complaint is that this Sunday was over all too fast. And now I have the Monday blues. (And not the good kind with a jazz pianist & mimosas). Until next weekend…

4 thoughts on “A Perfect Sunday”

  1. Hi, Molly. Reading about your perfect Sunday gave me a great sense of sharing that satisfaction—yes, a perfect Sunday! Well done.

    I’m glad to see you grabbed some of the Edmond Fallot taragon mustard, it’s my favorite, too. I did make a frustrating discovery recently, though. Their US version of this mustard pales sadly in comparison with the French version… a bottle of which sits near-Pooh-Bear empty in my refrigerator. It’s a bottle we picked up last fall in Beaune (the home base of the company); each time I used it I kept thinking it seemed so much more intense and wonderful than my last US bottle.

    I bought a replacement bottle last week at Bristol Farms and immediately noticed the difference in color—more yellow green than beautiful medium-pale green of the French version. On a side-by-side taste comparison, the French version is brighter and cleaner tasting, while also more pungent with horseradish bite.

    I wondered if any differences could be found on the label. Not much to speak of: The use-by dates matched exactly and the ingredients appear identical, except for a difference in terms (I think)—the US version listed “spirit vinegar,” the French listed “vinegar,” and the food coloring is different.

    Sadly, I’ve been ruined by the French version! I guess that means I better figure out a way to make another pilgrimage to Burgundy to pick up a case of mustard this time! Care to join me? 🙂

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